Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Daddy Book by Robert Stewart

Recently, daughter Rachel came over with the intent purpose of going through my collection of Little Golden Books. She was looking for duplicates that she could take home for her kids. I have no idea just how many Golden Books I have, but I know's a lot! I sewed on a project, the kids played and she searched. She searched through the books stashed in the closet under the stairs. She searched through the bookcase. She looked in two chest drawers that are packed full. She looked on the kid's bedroom shelves. She missed the stack resting under the basement television.

I bought most of my books at thrift stores and second hand bookshops. Sometimes I see a book and unable to determine if I already own it, I'll buy another copy. Needless to say, I've collected doubles and some triples that way. Rachel was able to take home a big sackful. I'm happy to know the kids will enjoy them and perhaps learn to appreciate everything wonderful about these particular books.

In their heyday, Little Golden Books employed some of the best children's authors and illustrators. Authors like, Richard Scarry, Lucy Sprague Mitchell, Margaret Wise Moon and illustrators Tibor Gergely, Garth Williams, Eloise Wilkin, Gustaf Tenggren and many others. The thing that draws me to Golden Books are their simple sweet children's stories as well as their wonderfully imaginative illustrations.

While Rachel was looking, it occurred to me that I needed to pass The Daddy Book on to her for Elijah. It's not a Golden Book, but it was the favorite, read again and again, of his Uncle Brandon when he was a boy. No other of my children loved it like he did. Because Elijah is crazy about his daddy, I bet he will love having this classic read to him again and again.

Before I let it go, I had to scan some of my favorite images. I'm sure those of you who remember the 70s will recognize the daddy's floral shirts, long haircuts and mustaches. Your father's and husbands probably looked much like these Dads.

If you are fortune enough to come across this book when you are out thrifting or yard it for the children in your lives. I'll just bet that they will love it too!


  1. What a neat collection you have. I think my kids had a few of these. I like your new header. Have a good week.

  2. I've always loved the Golden Books. These images of Daddy books are wonderful. lol But I especially loved the golden books--the style of the artist who did those first books was unmistakable.

  3. I own the first daddy book you show, that is illustrated by one of my favorite children's artist, Eloise Wilkins.
    The second Daddy book looks equally sweet! My husband still has his '70's moustache ..we wouldn't know him without it! :)

  4. Adding The Daddy Book to my list of must haves...I have a ton of vintage Little Golden books, too...

  5. I don't remember The Daddy Book but I sure had a collection of Little Golden Books for myself and later for my sons, as well as the Miniature Golden Books - tiny editions which fit in the palm of the hand. Those were my absolute favourites as a child. Back in my day... waaaaay back when, they were 5 cents each.

  6. I remember the first book! Aw. So fun. wow...sounds like you have the Golden Book library! ha.

  7. Now with my new grandson I have a renewed interest in children's books. Thanks for the heads up on this one because already my grandson and his Daddy are together a lot.

  8. this is fabulous, Stevie, I am thinking Elijah will love it

  9. Hello, 'tis me ~ I think somewhere else I mentioned how I like books by Shirley Hughes (Dogger?)and this one reminds me so much of her illustrations. I think you said they reminded you of one of your favourites, and now I see why. Although I don't have grandchildren yet I've been collecting books for some time in anticipation of the time looking and reading we will do together if I'm fortunate to have some. Jackie Morris is one of the childrens authors I've collected and her illustrations are sublime ~ The Snow Leopard being perhaps the most famous, worth checking out. The Tyger Voyage by Nicola Bailey another. All UK writers and illustrators and mainly about animals too. It's lovely to be able to enjoy these sorts of books for the magic memories they evoke.

    1. I don't know if this is a reply to Lizzie or a comment. I can't find the comment box.

  10. Ah it's odd...

    These illustrations are lovely, those round cheeked children in the golden books are adorable and remind me of you know who.

    The daddy book is very sweet and its illustrations are similar to Mulga Bill's bicycle - a fun Au book that my kids loved.

  11. Those old golden books are so nice!

  12. Now I want to go out and start hunting for these books! They are precious. We buy something called "Little Treasure Books", I think, for my 7 year old niece. They're simple and sweet too.
    Luv from Georgia :)

  13. I got The Daddy Book just the other day. I like to "google" books to see their history and it lead me to your site. Then I noticed your tornado post and before opening it, I just knew we were "neighbors." Glad your house was spared.

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