Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Four Things

I like these doors.

I like the name of this store.

I like this staircase.

I like slaw dogs.

Your turn. Name four things you like.


  1. Four things I like, great idea for a post! I like candy, Afternoon Tea, stationary & pens, reading!

  2. I like all your 4 things too! What a great post.;)
    I like sitting in front of a fire on a winter afternoon, I like walking on a summer beach, I like to enjoy a well poured Guinness in a good company and I like to plant flowers on a sunny day.;))

  3. These are all very charming. This time of year I like to walk into the garden and find crocus blooming in the sunshine. I like to hear the Sandhill Cranes bugeling as they head North. A good cup of tea taken on the patio in spring sunshine. The feel of sun warmed soil in my hands after a long cold winter.

  4. thank you for your sweet comment on my last post, it is really appreciated.

    a wonderful idea ... i'm going to "borrow or steal" this idea for

    my Wed. post. i hope you don't mind. :-) your pictures are wonderful -- i'm not much into hot dogs but even the dawg looks good! lol

    okay ... for my fav's, you're going to have to come to my bloghome and see.

    warm smiles,

  5. the first warm breezes of spring
    coffee after dinner
    blooming houseplants
    chiming clocks

    ...but...I really want that slaw dog! ha! We don't have those up here in Ohio. yum.

  6. ...that slaw dog looks good enough to take a bite out of!

    I love "Clownfish kisses" from my granddaughter..."huggy muggies" from my grandson...avocado and egg sandwiches...the spring songs of chickadees and red-wing blackbirds...That was fun!

  7. morning tea
    fresh cinnamon rolls
    clean hair
    baby kicks

  8. LOVE your four things! I have been traveling but more importantly in a blog slump...I blame the long winter!
    Might have to try the four things...and I KNOW I would be more cheerful if I could have a slaw dog for lunch!!! They don't make 'em like that here in Ohio!

  9. I like wrought iron

    I like windows of all kinds

    I like sunshine casting shadows on brick

    I like your blog!

  10. I just LOVE those doors! Four things... I'll be back later with those!

  11. I loved your abstract photos!
    Here are four random things I like:
    A new city to explore.
    Exploring the Blogsphere.

  12. Great photos and idea. I like..

    Summer rain

    Yard sales

    Belly warmers (hic!) in winter

    A gentle breeze.

  13. I live with clutter! I can not help it. I just started trying to clean out and scale down. I am going to think of four things for my blog! But right now I love
    1. Oatmeal
    2. Afternoon sunshine
    3. Purple calico shirt I bought
    at TJ Maxx today
    4. Little yo yo craft I am
    working on tonight
    I noticed the kitchens on your side bar. I love "The Holiday" kitchen and the movie. I did not see "It's Complicated" yet but, I hear the house is to die for!

  14. Great post!

    I love weighty books.
    I love baby necks.
    I love the first drink of coffee in the morning.
    I love the warm sun on a cold day.

  15. i like:

    lazy sunday mornings

    loooong talks with my daughter on the phone where we share our hopes and dreams and the week's highlights

    an extra sweet and juicy navel orange

    my puppies sleeping on a blanket at my feet

    what in the world is a slaw dog or more specifically what is the brown sauce on the slaw dog? looks intriguing!!


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