Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Show and Tell

For Protege....the hand. (I'd like to see your red sofa please)

This hand was once lost for about a month...until my granddaughter came back and showed me where she had hidden the linen closet. I don't think she wanted her sister to find it.

Talk of the hand was started in my last post when I mentioned a wooden had I had seen in a magazine a long time ago and had coveted ever since. I'm pretty sure I saw it in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine which I've missed terribly since it shut down production earlier this year. Lately I been thinking of getting out one old magazine at a time (I have issues going back to 1997) and reading through them again. I think I might make it a regular thing to post something from old issues that still excites or inspires me. Like this:

Love this cool 1950's clock I'm coveting that too. The cup and miss-matched saucer makes me smile as well.


  1. Isn't it funny how certain things really appeal to us? I've torn out pictures from magazines over the years and have them filed away - I know I'm probably going to have to move into a smaller place soon so I really need to go through all that stuff. I also have to start parting with some of my treasures since I sure can't take it all with me into a smaller place. Some of my treasures, I'll never give up, though!

  2. Ah, thank you for clarifying the hand issue! And I love the picture, now I understand the whole concept!;) Hehe, great idea.;) Yes, I will make sure to post a picture of my red sofa, most likely this weekend.;) It is such a fitting colour for the Holidays, in fact it is Christmas in my home year around.;)
    Love the radio.;)

  3. I have admired those hands before too. I also like the full figures.

  4. Love the hand. I knew exactly what you meant when you talked about it. In fact, I'm getting the miniature 5 inch man in my stocking this Christmas. A gift from me. haha!

    Baking muffins? Mmmmm!

  5. oh how i love bakelite...or that looks like one anyway.

    love the globe and the hand.

  6. Talk to the hand.

    Never made sense til now.

    I want one of those glove stretcher hand forms .. I could keep rings on it maybe .. I know I could keep dust on it .. I collect dust ... its everywhere so now I am not going to get upset, I am just going to say I collect it.

  7. Snow? For real! I'd love to have a white Christmas some day.

    The radio is totally rocking, so is the cup and saucer!

  8. Lurve the hand and I can see why you coveted it for so long!

  9. Isn't it dreadful that so many wonderful magazines have bit the dust. I miss them. I have saved sooo many though, so I shouldn't complain!

    Love that radio!

  10. A hand? An interesting object to get excited about Steviewren? It matches a male leg and foot which was on a table on Hilary's blog - - Dave

  11. Oh I missed the story about the hand - I seem to be missing a lot of posts at the moment ... will go back and have a read!
    Love the coveted hand and the radio!

    Have a great weekend. Jeanne x

  12. Stevie,
    Willow has one of those wooden hands and we always have fun with it making different hand jesters. And the mismatched cup and saucer....well, that it an in thing because it creates conversation about each piece, where it came from and the story behind it. See... we can have fun with next to long as we have sweet harmony between family and friends. Have a great weekend!
    The Bach

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