Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Making My List And Checking It Twice

I'm busy making my list. No, not for Christmas. I'm making lists for Thanksgiving. I'm hosting this year. Twenty-four will attend, give or take a few. The dining room table will be expanded to it's full capacity of 14. The folding table in the basement will be emptied of it's sewing machine and it will extend the seating by another 5 or 6. A children's table will be set in the kitchen.

This year my sister is supplying the turkey, sweet potatoes and a pie. I am making the dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Additionally, I will cook turnip greens, a squash casserole and maybe a pecan pie. My sister in law is bringing asparagus, hashbrown casserole and rolls. My niece is bringing macaroni and cheese. My mother will bring some peas. I haven't talked to my daughter in law yet about what she will make, maybe a dessert or some stuffed eggs. My youngest son said he will bring tomato, cucumber salad. There will be enough food for a army. It will be delicious.

But, first I must clean the house, clear the sewing table, shop for groceries, pre-cook a couple of pans of cornbread for the stuffing, find the tableclothes and wash the china.

You can see why I have been making lists. It is a lot to do and I won't have any extra off days between now and then. If you don't hear from me much, you know what I will be doing.

What about you. What are your plans? Does your family have any special holiday traditions? My newest tradition is having my sons help me get the Christmas tree out of the basement and the rest of the decorations out of the attic before they go home on Thanksgiving, so I can get the house decked out for the next holiday as soon as this one has ended.


  1. I'll be in town the day after Thanksgiving...Save me some leftovers, okay? :-D

  2. Sounds like the makings of a wonderful day! So nice you have all that help! The best part of cooking for an army is the leftovers! :)

  3. You are going to have a lot of food! We are going to my daughter's and I am bringing most of the food LOL. I am not sure how to answer comments, so I will answer you about the pie tastes more like a cottage cheese than cheese cake.

  4. I've been busy polishing silverware this week and making my list. Also finishing up the bat cave. I have a ton to do. Why am I sitting here, anyway? Sigh.

  5. That's an awful lot of stuff to do. Better get cracking. I'm sure it will be quite the party. However you slice it, that is alot of people. It will be a joyous noisy time in Little-Birdie-ville. Our Thanksgiving was last months.

    And I thought I had a lot to do with having 8 over for Christmas dinner!!

  6. I feel quite exhausted just thinking of you rushing around preparing for so many people. Next day's leftovers is my favourite part.

  7. Don't you love making memories around your own table?!

    I'm tired just reading your to do list... it makes me appreciate the work those who are hosting us are doing!

  8. What a crowd! The dinner plans sound wonderful and delicious! What time did you say dinner is...?We are having just 5 for dinner this year. It will be quiet in comparison with most, but nice and with very dear friends. Don't work yourself into a lather darlin' enjoy the holiday. Are those Lavinia's Murano glasses by the way? She's missing just a few from the Grape Escape...

  9. Couldn't you make it for 26 people instead? I'll ate everything on the list but the turnip greens. [gulp] We could get there in a few hours and my husband makes a WONDERFUL-to-die-for cornbread! [smile] Sounds like y'all will have a terrific time.

    We're gonna be alone again this year, just Sweetie and me. But, that's OK. Less stressful that way.

    Here's hoping y'all have LOTS of fun and good health this holiday season!

    Sparky ♥ ∞

  10. Hi Stevie!

    Oh oh -- I just tagged you on my blog! LOL! Maybe you can do it after the holiday when things quiet down?

    I had Thanksgiving for my entire family for about 32 years -- my mom, sister, brothers, their spouses, my nieces and nephews, my grand nieces and nephews! It was well over 30 people! Last year for the first time we went to Denver to spend Thanksgiving with my son and DIL. This year all my siblings decided that their are just too many grandchildren (two more were born this year) to go to my little house, and they have decided to have their own dinner at their own home, and we'll meet at my brother's home for dessert (he alone has 7 grandchildren!) So it will be only four of us this year at my house -- my Mom, husband, daughter and me! It's liberating in a way, but I also miss all the prep and excitement. But sometimes new traditions have to begin and we have to embrace them.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Hugs, Pat

  11. Oooh, that sounds like fun. And work. Loads of fun work! I thought I was going to cook Thanksgiving this year (only for about 10) and was about to get worried, since I have NO time off before then. Then my Mom volunteered, and so all I have to make is a cranberry mold. Thanksgiving is that time of year when it is perfectly OKAY to use Jello and cream of something soup.
    :-D Have a good one!

  12. Let's see: if WE were there, we'd bring baked macaroni and cheese, and a good green salad.

    We're NOT going to be there (frown, frown), so I think we might do a kind of eclectic Thanksgiving menu, starting with ham (for a change! and prepared by the man of the house)...maybe some SPICY mac and cheese and "I-don't-know-what-all" as Andy Griffith would say.

    We'll miss you. You'll do a great job. Make all those eaters wash the dishes!

  13. Your Thanksgiving sounds great! I imagine you will have much laughter and great food. Having family all around you is so comforting. Unless they get on your nerves. Oh, did I say that out loud?

  14. I hope your Thanksgiving goes well next week Steviewren. - Dave

  15. Sounds like you will be having a big old fashioned Thanksgiving! We have a small gathering, about 8 of us. We usually do two turkeys, stuffing and the usual trimmings. I am looking in all the magazines for new, fresh ideas. It always seems I go back and do the usual because that is what they all want! You must give them what they ask for!

  16. So just what time do you want us for dinner? ;)

    Sounds like it's going to be perfect.


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