Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seven Appliances I Heart

Sharing Ode to My Flattening Iron with you has gotten me to thinking about my 7 favorite household appliances.
  1. Number one has to be the blow dryer because without it my flattening iron would be irrelevant, since ones hair must be perfectly dry for the iron to do it's stuff.
  2. The flat iron for aforementioned reasons.
  3. The vacuum cleaner because it looks like you've cleaned everything after you've vacuumed, unlike dusting which only makes things look a little brighter. (I'm all about getting the biggest bang for my cleaning efforts)
  4. My waffle iron because I love me some hot crispy waffles.
  5. An old school hand-held can opener, because it is so much more reliable than the electric kind.
  6. A clothes iron (yes, I am fixated on anything named iron) since I look ever so much less frumpy, slumpy, disorganized and sloppy when I actually iron my clothes.
  7. My salad spinner, because I no longer have to chose between eating wet lettuce or foregoing washing the greens, but then having to worry about catching amoebic dysentery.
Now you might want to argue that anything manually manipulated vs run electrically should not be defined as an appliance and hence should not be included on my list. Sorry, since I made the list anything I wish can go on it.

Make your own list if you want to dispute mine. What appliances do you heart?


  1. coffee maker, hair dryer, microwave, ice and water dispenser in the door of the fridge, electric toothbrush!!

    this was fun and i adore the new ook of your blog. so warm and inviting!

  2. I have always used the old fashioned hand held can opener, too. Quick and works every time!

    And I simply could not live without my salad spinner. It took salad to a whole new level.

    But if I had to choose one from your list it would definitely have to be my blow dyer for the same reasons.

  3. Oh, and one of my own faves would have to be my electric knife Sweeney Todd is playing in the background...teehee.

  4. Computer, cappucino machine, washer, dryer, audio system, electric rollers, and reading light above my bed.

  5. I would have to agree with Julie on the coffeemaker. If I don't have my caffeine, all the other appliances wouldn't matter 'cause I'd be too cranky! tee-hee!

  6. Let's see my 7 Hearts would have to be and not limited to:
    1. Coffee maker
    2. Hair Dryer (I'm a frizzy head if unkept)
    3. Refrigerator full of favorite foods
    4. Plasma TV (Hey, this is MY list!)
    5. Computers (Have I strayed too far afield .. OK ... [pout])
    6. Electric Toothbrush
    7. Stove with my husband in front of it (I don't cook)

    And dat's the truth ... ha ha ♥ ∞

  7. This is hilarious. Who would ever have thought we would be in love with appliances :)

    I love Sparky's about her husband in front of the stove. That's when I realized that was my favorite also.

  8. I'm partial to the dishwasher and the electric garage door opener!!!!! That way, my wife doesn't have to get out into the cold or rain and open the door for me!!!!! Plus, she has small feet so she can get closer to the sink than I can....definetly helps her wash the dishes better...LOL :-)

  9. I admire your stubborneness! OK, I select electric blanket, toaster, shaver, electric jug, coffee percolator,refrigerator and stove. - Dave

  10. Three C's. Give me a computer, a coffee maker and a corkscrew and I'm set. :)

  11. You make me laugh...and so did Strider's comment! :) Let's see:

    1. Blowdryer (I'm with you on your comment)
    2. The Flat Iron (same as you)
    3. Fan - I can no longer sleep in silence, thanks to my hubby. It HAS to be on in order for me to fall asleep now.
    4. Blender - for milkshake making!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate it. To answer your question....I'm not teaching any SS classes. I have over the years, but not for 4 years or so. Thanks again and have a great Sunday. Strider

  13. I love any appliance that makes my life easier!!!
    1. Washer
    2. Dryer
    3. Toaster, I love bagels!!!
    4. Hair dryer, without it I would not leave the house
    5. Flat iron
    6. Microwave

  14. Appliances! Some on my list are gadgets:

    1. My Magic Chef Garlic Press
    2. Tassimo beverage maker
    3. Weather Radio
    4. Hairdryer
    5. Galileo thermometer (pretty!)
    6. Alarm clock - has weekday and weekend settings
    7. computer - keeps me in touch with my bloggy buddies!

  15. Amoebic dysentery? That sounds nasty!

    I'd have to echo the blowdryer, and add my slow-cooker, my trusty vcr, my braun hand-mixer, and the de-humidifier in the basement.


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