Sunday, May 24, 2009

Driving Ms Crazy

Yep, Ms Crazy is me. Crazy for starting this project. (I've tried before and always failed) Doing this is making me OCD. I've been at it off and on over the past week and a half. Maybe I'm half way through. This is something that I should have started doing over 10 years ago. It involves dates and faces and important events.

Can you guess why I'm going crazy?

Be back later, with my cautionary tale, so you don't have to fall into this quagmire of confusion and indecision.


  1. Sorting through old photographs? clothes? weeding?


  2. omg how alarming....putting data on your computer again, decluttering, ironing 6 weeks of dirty shirts.tell all, now!

  3. I agree with Kat; sorting out photos or writing a diary.;))
    Looking forward to find out.:))

  4. Looking forward to hearing all about it. =)

    FYI - I am starting a new "art" post that will occur every Tuesday. Would love it and be honored if you would join me!


  5. Sorting through guess, too! I paintakingly sorted hundreds of photos of the 4 boys ...about the first 10 years of their lives. Some were difficult to tell who was who, being triplet babies, etc. It took forever! I put them in a photo box only to have one of the triplets dump them on the floor. :( So, if it really is photos, don't let that cute little Elijah near them!

  6. sounds very detailed for sure - is it a family tree?

  7. ACK .. every so often I get industrious and sort through my digtial photos organizing them into clever 'albums' .. of course this does not ensure I will remember what album a particular photo is in ...

  8. So how is the picture sortie going my dear?


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