Sunday, November 27, 2011

Merrily, Merrily

I'm trying to get the lights on my Christmas tree.

I've been to the store twice.

Once to buy them.

And once to exchange the ones I bought with white electrical cords for the ones I need with green cords.

And this is after I spent three+ hours getting the old (non-working) lights off my pre-lit tree.

Next time I will buy a new pre-lit tree and be done with it!

Ah....the holiday season is upon us!  ; )

Decorated tree by Google Images
Mine is not yet fully assembled....

Update: The tree is up and the lights are on it!  Now onward to ornament placement. I will get this done!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There is so much to be thankful for that my heart overflows with it all.  So, I'd like to share some of my blessings with you. May your Thanksgiving be filled with the laughter and love of family and friends.

Thank you Lord for all you have given us!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Family Photo Day

Oldest granddaughter with her Irish Step Dance troupe performing at the UAH International Festival.

Aubrey and Gramma

Rachel and Emma

Me and Aiden

My oldest son, Daniel

Avery in Halloween garb and make-up.

Getting a feel for being a leprechaun.
I don't think Emma is a fan.

Can you tell that this one is a mess? 

Ready to Trick or Treat.