Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Random

The week in retrospect:

Last Sunday:
Remember the crazy squirrel that was living in my garage ceiling months ago....well he'd continued moving in and out ever since then. I hired someone to put out traps and bait, but to no avail. He ignored it all. So, I tried ignoring him. Not easy since it sounds like he is rolling nuts around under my feet all the time. Finally, I decide I can't stand it anymore and call in the big guns. I call TJ my youngest son...."Whatever it takes" I tell him. He shows up before dawn twice last week and sets up a stake out in the front yard.....with his BB gun. (please don't tell me we are inhumane....remember I paid to get a professional to get him the humane way and he wasn't having any of it) TJ also brought deer and squirrel repellent that smells repulsive and sprayed it on all the openings we think he uses. Long story short...TJ got 3 squirrels (there are probably 15 or more left). I've only heard the guy in the ceiling once since then for a few seconds and that was last fingers are crossed as I say this, but I think he's taken the hint and moved on.

Hunting season opened in my backyard last weekend

That same day my sweet son scrubbed the scary deathtrap front steps for me. Slime be gone. Now I can walk in and out the front door in the rain again without fearing for my life.

Note the marked difference in the color of the wood on the bottom steps as compared to the rest

During the week:
More work. (I made 2 old ladies cry on Saturday....I wasn't mean or rude or anything...they were overwhelmed about their situations...I could be in their place I still feel bad about them)
The dentist twice. (another funny story which begins with a crown, right in the front, falling out weeks ago...and me being toothless...and my experiences with a number of temporary teeth....I'm getting an's a long process...enough said)

saw this pooch in the car in front of me on the way home one afternoon

at the next light saw this one hanging out the other side of the car

Walked out of the dentist Friday night and saw this car....wish I could have stuck around to see the owner

was treated to the most wonderful fiery sunset as I drove through town on the way to the freeway

Then the fun stuff:

Rachel and Elijah came to spend the weekend. Since her hubby had an all guys weekend planned with his buds, it gave us a good chance to hang out. We worked on our respective scrap and baby book projects, watched The Proposal, ate pizza, curry chicken and lemon poppy seed muffins, played with the baby and talked and talked.

we let him play with paper until he got tired and had to rest this morning

I also took a video of him that I wanted to share, but blogger will not upload it.


  1. Awww he's so gorgeous! Great photos of those critters hanging out of the car windows and that's an astounding colour difference on the stairs. You'd think the driver of the parked car was a cartoon character, eh? :)

  2. What a cutie pie that baby is!

    I saw the Proposal and my review is: "meh" (as they say in northern California to indicate not being terribly impressed)

    I sympathize with your squirrel story. I can't believe that is still going on! I would totally have shot them ages ago (I think).

    As I speak there are skunks underneath the new apartment. Calling property management company tomorrow. This just won't do.

    How nice your son came and gave you a hand!!!

  3. I am glad your squirrel problem has been eliminated. Maybe you can get your son to plug up the holes the little rascals use. They can be quite destructive.

    Please get some of those sandy strips to put on your steps. They self stick. You just have to put them on. They are available at hardware stores or lumber stores. Inexpensive but they will also keep you safe.

    Your Grand is adorable. What a blessing.

  4. I can relate to the squirrel story. We had a few that wanted to get in the house, they never made it though. I could not believe that we had to resort to the same measure, bb gun! But, I did not want any squirrels in my house! I can also relate to the slippery steps! I took a tumble last winter! Not so fun! Sounds like a nice weekend!

  5. What a week! I can relate to so much of it...from squirrels to losing crowns to grandchildren smiling...Have a great week stevie!

  6. I am inhumane as well .. we had these annoying pigeons nesting under our bedroom windows .. noisy birds, dirty birds .. ToonMan moved the nest which was empty so no babies were maimed or killed.. and when he saw the parents come back he shot at them with an airgun ....knocked on right off the fence it was UNHARMED and flew away, its mate followed and they never came back.. I suspect the word went out that ToonMan was locked and loaded!

  7. I have a friend who has a lot of lucjk with a "Have A Heart" cage to catch squirels. She loads them up with peanut btter and when the squirels get trapped she takes them to a cemetery that has lots if trees across town, and lets them go.

    Oh tooth woes are familar to me! I ahve so many crowns and more gold in my mouth than in my jewelry Goo luck with the implant -- good decision!

    Elijah is so cute and getting so big! Souns like a fun Mother/daughter night!

  8. You will not hear me screaming about your cruelty to animals. I have 5 squirrels soaking right now. We will have it for supper tomorrow night. Tim did not kill them with a BB gun. Squirrels are quite tasty when marinaded with a good lemon pepper mixture.

    We had a chipmunk in the basement. He was wreaking havoc, leaving nuts in the baskets of dirty laundry, the box of unmatched socks, which then all had to be washed meaning that probably half of my unmatched socks are now disappeared. Hm. This might actually turn out kind of good.We resorted to a glue trap, and I felt awful about it.

  9. VERY productive weekend!
    Hope your squirrel enemy moved on to a park or something! I say they are RATS with tails!

    What fun to have some time with your daughter and grandson!

  10. Mom, thanks for an unforgettable weekend. I had so much fun. I'm glad we were able to spend so much time talking and being so productive. I love you. I can't wait until the next guy weekend!

  11. Oh my stars, he's getting so big already! Just adorable!

    I know the feeling about critters... we had a woodpecker once... once.

    Heck you could have kept your tooth out until the end of the week... tee hee. Just kidding, that would drive me nuts as it makes eating difficult. I can say that because I have an implant in the front as well! lol

  12. A weekend with two of your loveys, wonderful! TJ with the BB gun is cracking me up!

  13. sounds like fun, especially the time with your daughter and the baby!! hanging out of the car window looks like fun. i think dogs have it all figured out.

  14. TJ is a good shot getting 3 squirrels! Hopefully the othes moved on after getting the hint!
    Lovely weekend all the way around..this was delightful reading! :)

  15. We have those big red fox squirrels in our backyard. Once I counted 23 at one time! They don't come around as much since my hubby fixed the bird feeders so they can't get in them.

    We also had a (flying) squirrel in the attic over our bedroom. Hubby installed an electronic pest repeller (sends out an electric impulse every few seconds or so). TA-DA! No more squirrels rolling nuts around over our heads!

  16. Oops, forgot to say: adorable boy!!!! I agree with him...newspapers can be so exhausting! :)

  17. I'm all for being kin to animals, but my mantra is 'Humans live inside, non-humans do not". Those squirrels definitely have to go. Had some in the rafters of a place I once lived - never found where they got in - just got used to the nut-rolling. Have a cathdral ceiling where I live now and LOVE it when squirrels hop out of the tree out front and scamper across the roof. No nuts involved ere - that's the difference. Glad to hear, tho, your son only used a BB gun. I've also heard the electronic signal thingies work well, not only on squirrels but on a neighbor's yappy dog.

    Adorable Grand, but hope Mom and Dad lose the binkie ASAP. If God had meant babies to suck an object 24/7...oh, never mind.

    Loved the photos of the dogs in the cars!


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