Monday, May 16, 2011


The word of the day from Merriam Webster is......


1 :
sticky, viscid
2 :
of, relating to, full of, or secreting mucilage
Example:  The snail leaves a mucilaginous trail as it slides along the leaves and branches.

Recently, I told Elijah about, during the summer, I used to walk outside at night and accidentally step on them in the dark. I made a face and said they were yucky. He thought that was funny and has repeated it to his mother more than once.  "Slugs, Gaga, yucky."  (I'm Gaga...his name for me) That's how he talks. He gets right to the point. 

Once you step on a slug, you'll never forget the slimy goo that's left behind. I'm not the only one who's had to deal with cleansing a foot of squashed slug am I? (rubbing the afflicted foot repeatedly in wet grass is the preferred method of getting it off) If you've ever done it, you'll know that they are certainly mucilaginous!

Or you could wear shoes and never have to worry about having a slug crossing your path....that is as long as it isn't a human type are no protection against that variety.


  1. Hehe, oh yes, human slugs are difficult to protect oneself from.;)
    I hate when I step on a slug or snail, with shoes or without. I think snails are even worse, as I hate that sound of the cracking of the shell. It is unpleasant on so many levels.
    But I can imagine how cute your grandson must be repeating those funny words.;))

  2. I hate slugs and snails for the damage they do in my gardens Steph. Crushing them is the best way to kill them. - Dave

  3. Yes slugs and snails look yuck . You must spray some insecticides or take other measures to get rid of them as soon as possible.
    Your Garden Personality
    Which type of garden goes with your personality?

  4. But surely not with your bare feet Dave... : O

  5. This is one of summer times cautions. I have stepped on a slug many times. ewww. Just the thought makes my skin crawl. Human slugs are easier to avoid.

  6. Can't explain why I feel slugs are gross, yet think snails are cute! Have never stepped on either, but do take their photos!

  7. Oh.. I wasn't feeling the yuck factor until your last paragraph when I realized you were talking about being barefoot.. YUCK!

  8. What a great word - and yes...I've stepped on slugs whilst barefoot - It's one of the joys of life, I suspect...shudder...

  9. UGH. Nothing cute about a slug and its slimy!!!! YUK is right!

  10. sprinkle salt on them. That will kill them. It's sort of like the wicked witch of the west. "I'm melting....meeeeeelltttting....

  11. Slugs are yucky indeed! I will see one now and then. I can happily report that I have never stepped on one.

  12. Too bad the cicadas don't eat them! haha.
    I would imagine stepping on them is like a cat's hairball left on the carpet in the night. Anything wet and unsuspecting is yucky to step on in the dark. haha.

  13. EWWWWW. And I agree with Betsy that the sensation is like stepping a cat's coughe dup hairball that it left on the carpet overnight...I stepped on my share of those ... ewwwww!

  14. Yuck indeed .. never stepped on a slug but I have stepped in cat puke .. ewwwwwwww

  15. we have those too - they are super gross

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