Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Photos from Pepper Place

This kid found a front row seat for himself!
 Love this color scheme.

 Just looking makes my mouth water and my thoughts wander toward bacon and tomato sandwiches...mmmmm!

 We had to try Sassy's Homemade Amish Recipe ice cream.

 Love that sweet smile!

My final purchase...a mixed bouquet of sunflowers and stuff from the Jones Valley Urban Farm booth.


  1. I bet that homemade ice cream was yummy! I'm ready for corn on the cob and BLT's...but the corn and tomatoes aren't quite here yet!

  2. the shot I took of the flowers is right there where that woman is standing! How fun.

  3. Those tomatoes and summer flowers look great Steph - Dave

  4. Oh, could I ever go for a BLT with arugula added. I could put that on most everything but that ice cream!

  5. Our produce will be late this year but I look forward to the juicy RED tomatoes too! YUM!

    What fun. I love a mixed life giving!

  6. Love the flowers! And the sweet granddaughters. Can't wait to get ahold of my little sweetie at the end of this month! I am blogging again, as I missed everyone too much to stay away!


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