Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Time for a Comeback

10 things that I would like to see make a comeback in 2012:
  1. Sidewalks in every neighborhood. 
  2. Wide front porches that are within talking distance of people who walk past on those same sidewalks. 
  3. Porch swings and rockers to lazy about in while waiting for someone to walk past on those sidewalks. 
  4. Well designed kitchens that include washers and dryers, because it is so convenient to have them there rather lost down in the basement.
  5. I've mentioned these both before...screen doors and clotheslines.
  6. Instamatic cameras. 
  7. Black and white photo booths.
  8. The genuinely funny family sitcom.
  9. Hip length shoulder bags with skinny straps that don't slide off my non-existent shoulders.
  10. Nationwide honestly and integrity....meaning what is said and saying what is meant. 

What would you like to see make a comeback this year? 


    1. I wouldn't want an instamatic camera any more. I love my digital camera. I am not a good photographer so it take many takes for me to get a half decent photo. I would love to have cheap gas. That would be most helpful. I am afraid it is a thing of the past.

    2. Simple board games, in place of all the fancy electronic games.

      Arts and crafts like they used to be - messy, colourful, creative and enjoyable.

      My skinny body.

      Foods without a bunch of unpronounceable crap in them. It seems most things tasted a lot better at one time.

      Pink Chicklets (they were Tutti-Frutti).

    3. There is a new election for president here in America this year so meaning what is said and saying what is meant will not be happening here...

    4. I wanted to comment on the basement Steph. The basement is virtually unknown here. Our houses have a designated laundry and only rarely will the washing machine be found in the garage. I wonder why the basement concept developed...was it for furnaces?
      We have designed homes where the laundry shares the space with the 2nd bathroom or the day bathroom, making good use of space.

    5. Seems the newer homes have laundry rooms more to your liking, Steph. My daughter's laundry is in her kitchen, hidden behind double doors and my both DIL's are in a room just off the kitchen, with doors leading outside, very convenient. I too love a front porch and have one, but have no close neighbors or sidewalk.

    6. Delwyn, the area I live in is hilly and setting a house on a up or downhill slope with a basement is the best use of the topography. The basement of my house is at ground level in the front, but the upstairs of the house is on the ground level in the back.

      Wanda, you're right...wish I could afford a nice little one level garden home.

      Hilary, I want my skinny body back too!

    7. Where I live houses are built without basements. My house too, has the laundry room in the kitchen hidden with double doors. I always did want a front porch, but do have a back porch and sidewalks.

    8. Completely agree with you on many things, particularly those photo booths, miss them.;))

    9. Well, I loved your wishes...they are truly wonderful and, as a Georgia peach, originally, I remember many of those, now lost, treasures...the wide porches with swings and gliders.

      I'd also like to see people knowing their neighbors. It seems very rare these days, especially in my enclave of Daly City, CA...I am as guilty as the next person, I'm sure, of not reaching out and making an effort to meet those on either side of me, or across the street.

    10. I could use a screen door and I'd be thrilled to see #10 happen .. its long overdue

    11. Excellent list! I am for ALL of yours.
      What is it about the black and white photo booths?? SO cool.

    12. Having children bring healthy home packed lunches to school instead of buying those unhealthy lunches in schools. Good post. -- barbara


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