Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Random

A drive by view of some of the area tornado damage...lots of rubble and debris has been cleaned away, but it still looks really bad.

A friend and I went to the Birmingham Museum of Art today to see the "Look of Love" eye miniatures exhibit. No photography is allowed at special events, but I did stop by my favorite permanent room and take a couple of photos

See the reflection of my fingers?

My friend had never seen Railroad Park, so we stopped and people watched until a chilly breeze sent us on our way.

I know the calendar says Sunday, but I actually drew this yesterday...see, I do still doodle at work sometimes.

Hope you have had as nice of a random Saturday I I have!


  1. You were busy today. It is sad seeing the tornado mess still apparent. It sounds like you had a good day. Love the sketch.

    I cleaned house and messed around. Nothing exciting.

  2. The long term damage from these disasters are just so devastating.

    Thanks for bringing us along to see your favourite pieces.

  3. Oh and your sketch, which is wonderful looks like Marlon Brando.

  4. Oh, I love the face you sketched! It needs a story!! :)

  5. Oh now I must add Railroad Park to my next visit ..

  6. I always love your doodling! A good weekend for sure!

  7. It was one of our customers. They take photos of them when they open new accounts. She looked like she was thinking...What are you doing?

  8. I just love random days like that. And they always throw up something interesting!

  9. Tornadoes can be truly devastating, luckily we have none here, but can have severe storms, resembling hurricanes, in the fall and winter.
    Hope you are well.;)

  10. Tornadoes are always so terrifying. I remember when one hit my uncle's farm, where I was living, when I was six. It completely swept away a wood frame house on their property and left only half of the concrete block house next to it. Miraculously, my baby cousin was blown into a field about half a mile away and set down without injury!!

    Today marks the beginning of my last 30 days in India. The past three months have just flown by.

  11. I'm so glad that the tornadoes did not damage your home Stevie. Their destruction was so horrible in so many areas.

    The exhibit you went to see sounds fascinating!


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