Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Redo!

This photograph is in the newest issue of Artful Blogging magazine. As soon as I saw it I knew that it was time to redecorate my work cubicle around those colors. 

Enlarge the picture and check out the adorable Kleenex box!  Now check out the artist's blog. Recently I finished the last Kleenex in the box, but I was unwilling to get another (dull) box so I carefully refilled this one. I hope it lasts forever because it makes me happy....and a girl at work has got to find her happiness wherever she can!

It's always good to have something new to look at. No one should be forced to stare at dull cubicle walls day after day!


  1. You have indeed made your work cubicle a very happy looking place, Stevie! I love the photo from Artful Blogging and also the 3 D butterfly photo you have up. The tissue box is adorable --the artwork reminds me of yours!

  2. Your cubicle is about the cutest thing EVER! I want my cube to look that good! :)

    Sarah (Formerly of TheWeatheredWord)

  3. Your cube looks like some of the pages I have seen on Pinterest. It would make me happy looking at it too. Love to see that you are drawing some. I miss your people. I miss you too. I hope all is well and good in your world.

  4. So true .. i was just looking at my corkboard and i didnt realize it til now but i seem to have animal photos on one side of the all important reminders/phonelist/calendar and photos i have taken of places on the right ... maybe time to redecorate here too .. thanks!

  5. Beautiful artworks.;) Love how you make sure you have a nice place to work at.;) You should see my lab bench, it sure needs to be redecorated and most of all cleaned.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Your cubicle looks positively inspiring! I so love your artwork and the way you work with colors. Thanks for sharing. Well done my friend.
    ~ Sparky :)

  7. This is exquisitely done. All it needs now is one of my small African pieces to finish it off ha ha. Now that my computer has stopped behaving like a spoilt brat I can come and 'visit' you more often again.

  8. Pretty colorful work area there, Steviewren! Hope things are well with you!

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  10. I love what you did to your work station here! So lovely! Is it still like this or did it turn into something autumnal?

    Stopping by to see how you are! Hope all is well!


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