Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Sun

I stopped on the side of the road in Texas yesterday to get this photo. I just couldn't resist.  There is something about a field of flowers that calls my name.

Texas has the best roadside wildflower displays (while these sunflowers were growing in a field near the road, there were smaller roadside sunflowers and purple flowers everywhere we went). Thanks Lady Bird Johnson for your fantastic idea all those years ago.

What about your state? What sorts of wildflowers grow besides your highways and interstates? 


  1. In my area, central California you see lots of poppies, lupine and Mariposa Lilies. If you wish to see wildflowers now, just go up to the high sierras and the they are still blooming. That is a big Sunflower. I have planted a few seeds and use to get a crop of them.

  2. What a sunny sight. Here in Ontario, the wildflowers are as varied as the terrain.. and it blooms in all shades of loveliness..,. depending on the month.

  3. sadly none ... NYS isnt very flower oriented or maybe i just dont get out on the road often enough ..


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