Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's Paint!

Lots of things are getting painted around here. 

You might remember that I recently painted my white mantel expresso.  I am now trying to decide what color to paint the living room. I really want coral.  But, I'm afraid since it is such a bold color that it will be overwhelming because the room is rather large.  I might go with a rich latte color instead although the thought of latte makes me feel like I am just playing it safe. 

I've got a blue front door....which I don't really love.  I think the color needs tweaking. Maybe something darker teal. Or maybe coral!

And then there are the faces I painted this weekend with my new set of paints. I love bank holidays and long weekends!


  1. Maybe if an entire room of coral is too much you could paint an accent wall the deep coral you like. Then if it isn't enough you could carrry the paint on into another wall... Love seeing your faces.

  2. Love the faces, the header and colors in the background of your blog, Steph, so maybe it should be coral for your livingroom....or as Lisa stated, at least one wall.

  3. Love the faces.

    Nobody knows colour better than an artist. I think that whatever shade you think works for you is correct.

  4. You really have a good preference with color, Stevie! There's nothing wrong with blue, I wonder why you don't like that color. Anyway, a darker teal might be a good choice; it'll surely fit the aura your house is portraying - something serious and mysterious.


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