Saturday, July 19, 2014


When I got home from work the other night, I picked up some twigs on the way inside.

Week 3 of the Sketchbookery class in about keeping a Field Journal. I'm a bit outside my comfort zone in this class, which is good for me. My page planning needs improvement. I wound up with too much white space at the bottom, so I added a bird. The bird might have worked if I'd had drawn it smaller. Instead, I've crowded the page.....but it's all about the practice, not perfection
. So I'm good with it.

I'm eager to try this again. Next time I will walk around the backyard and see what i can find to draw.


  1. Wow....I put an A+ on it, Stephanie!!!

  2. I think it is perfect as you sketched it. The bird is the perfect foil for the page. It tells a story of how you pulled some dusty miller to draw, found the other things as the birds sang to you. Fun to be outside.

  3. The bird makes it just right, to me... sitting in the foreground.. singing about your find. Looking forward to more.

  4. I love it! It suits your style perfectly!

  5. Love this! It is great that you are getting out of your comfort zone. A great assignment because there is so much in nature to look at and draw.

  6. You are really picky! It's not a good thing to be. Enjoy your art you are good at it. Enjoying it is the thing. There is no 'wrong'.


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