Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Latest News From the Homefront

In a comment to my former varmint report, Thyme asked about squirrels in this area. In Alabama squirrels are plentiful and are gray with bushy tails. I've lived here 22 years and this is the first time a squirrel has decided to move in with me. My yard is filled with hardwood trees which are in turn filled with squirrel nests. Squirrels can be easily seen everyday playing chase with one another out back. The only dispute I've ever had with them is that they bury their acorns in my flower boxes in the fall and spend the summer digging up all my flowers, even though I make sure to dig all their acorns out before planting anything.

The culprit continues to prefer my garage ceiling to his former home out of doors. We have made further contact with him. My daughter and son in law brought a trap over. I think it is for opossums, but we're hoping it will work for Rocky as well. While we were setting the trap up, he kept tabs on us from above. Every now and then we could see him fluffing his tail as if to say, "what are you doing in my home?" I keep thinking Christmas Vacation with the Griswold family. He scares the living you know what out of me! I know he is just a squirrel. I know I am bigger and stronger. But, he is a critter and he's on my turf. We pounded on the ceiling until he decided to exit the building for a while. We walked around the whole house trying to find his way in and out-nothing. Needless to say, when the commotion died down, he returned.

What if he is a she? And what if she is building a nest? I'm calling a real estate agent tomorrow. I think it's time to move.


  1. This wouldn't be a good time to tell you about the litter of raccoons that were born in my attic last April, eh?

    The thing is that if you trap and remove her you might be leaving possible babies behind. She'll move hell and high water to get back to them. If you can afford it, find a humane wildlife removal company - one who will be sure to remove and relocate the potential wee ones so that Mom can be reunited with them. They'll also disinfect the area, and seal all entry points (for additional costs, but then their animal-proofing is guaranteed).

  2. I will take a chance and risk being the local crazy girl in the blog neighborhood.

    To Native Americans, animals symbolized wisdom. Ergo, if one is visited by an animal or has an intereaction with one, the universe may be bringing "medicine", or needed wisdom, to be incorporated into certain aspects of one's life. The squirrel's wisdom can be seen in his everyday actions...preparing, storing, playing, chattering and maybe in your case trusting (as in trusting your home as a safe place...might be a stretch, I don't know). Just another weird way of looking at an already weird situation.

    I had a squirrel family in my attic once. They were very determined to stay. They're such funny little creatures. : )

  3. We have trouble with field mice getting our attic occasionally. Pesky thangs.
    Being a Southern girl and an avid hunter I was gonna say "Shoot it! Shoot it NOW!" [lol] But you know, I've mellowed a lot of late (must be old age and/or senility) but after reading Starlene's response, I'm with her. It's a good answer with an admirable philosophy. Putting it in a nut shell :o) maybe it's best to just live and let live. Or call the humane removal people and let them deal with it. Depends on one's pocket book I guess. :o) ♥ ∞

  4. If you don't own your home surely the landlord would get rid of the varmint for you. They can be so destructive.

  5. i posted my interview answers this evening. thanks for giving me such fun questions. it really was fun, a bit introspective and in one case challenging!! thanks again!

  6. Ah! little creatures can be bothersome at times--perhaps he will go away when the season changes?

    Clayrn Darrow

  7. That thing won't go away and it's idea of wisdom is to poop in your attic. Maybe it will raise a family. I say shoot it, shoot it now. No, we get traps from the humane society and let them free in an attic across town, or out in the country which ever comes first.

  8. Absolutely get an exterminator to get rid of her NOW. They can cause tremendous damage if they manage to get into your ductwork. (We had that problem with possums, and it was veeeerrrry expensive.) Yikes! Good luck!

  9. I pray Rocky is out of your attic. They are cute little critters out in the yard, but I am with you...I don't want them in my house. I have truly missed you.

  10. To us in New Zealand squirrels seem such cute animals, but a friend in England has told me otherwise, when they get into your house. - Dave


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