Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Night

I haven't posted a random entry in a long time...but not to worry... Recently at work I jotted these questions down. If any of you know the answers, please enlighten me.
  • Why do people who can't pay their bills always threaten to have their attorney call when asked to pay up? How can they afford to have an attorney on retainer?
  • Why are vampires so sexy? (yes, I've been reading the Twilight series)
  • Why do people believe all those cheesy email forwards? (personal pet peeve)
  • Why do men never stop thinking bathroom humor is funny?
This past weekend was my daughter's baby shower. It was hosted by many of our dearest friends. While showing my niece around the adorable home of the hostess I noticed this:

Isn't it cute? It brought back memories. When I graduated from elementary school (8th grade) my parents gave me a GE clock radio like this one I found on Flickr.

Sadly, I gave it away when I got married. My ex husband had a radio that looked a little more modern...sigh.

You've probably noticed that I make liberal use of the ellipsis...I freakin love the ellipsis...I don't love grammar...I tried not to learn it in school...I use the ellipsis as a substitute for proper punctuation...Now you know my darkest secret...did you know that it is not proper to use ellipses at the beginning of a sentence...using them at the end is perfectly acceptable...I'm just sayin...

I found this last week and stashed it away to keep. Do you blame me?

This sad story from the 1936 volume of my Grandfather's weekly newspaper has come to mind more than once recently. It is about a local family that were out of options, out of money, hungry during the depression. If you want to read about them click on the picture. I think it will be big enough for you to read.

I wonder what happened to that little family.

After that newspaper story, I think we would all benefit from a little snowman philosophizing.

Have a great hump day!


  1. This was fun. Mind if I have another cup of tea?

  2. you're so amusing and witty! i think i'll put you on my bookshelf for when i need a quick giggle. :)

    have a great day!


  3. Wow! Your blog is just beautiful.
    You're so very full of life.

    I look forward to seeing your adventures in 2009!

  4. I enlarged and read the story of the starving family. It's riveting. How tragic! Those poor kids, so hungry and so destitute, reduced to a home with only a bed and a stove. Yet no food to cook on the stove, how ironic.

    I too wonder what happened to that family? I hope the mother did not take her own life. Hard to imagine scenarios like this were quite common during the Depression.

    Now as for your questions, I haven't any answers, unfortunately, but I too would like to hear some. I think, however, that people threatening with 'lawyers' are probably all bark and no bite. Lawyers cost money. Pay your damn bill already!!

  5. So many thoughts. I love the peach-coloured radio. Funny how we did give up what is now "retro" and of course we continue to do that all the time. We only realize it later.

    Sad, sad story in the old paper. A snippet of history.

  6. OMGoodness, you read Calvin and Hobbes too!!? I knew you where normal (or at least semi-normal - ha ha) ... I'm so dumb about grammer I had to look up what "ellipsis" means ...
    Sparky ♥ ∞

  7. "Why do men never stop thinking bathroom humor is funny?" I'd explain it to you, but, since you are a women, you wouldn't understand it. It's a man's brain verses a woman's brain.....and they are not the same. Some day, when you're bored, look back at one of my posts on "It's great being a man." One of the posts has a short video on the two brains. It's really great. Blessings my friend. Strider

  8. Great post. I want the radio.

  9. That was an interesting post, Steviewren. It felt like I was reading a whole magazine or newspaper.

    The depression was such hard years --I've heard so many strories about it form my mother abd father when I was young. Children everywhere were hungry. Hope it never happens again!

    Aren't baby showers fun? So many cute things for babies these days!

  10. Hi Ms Ladyslipper, long time no see! I agree about the newspaper sad! I'd like to know if they made it myself. We don't have any idea of what hard times are really like do we?

    Pat, the baby shower was fun. Rachel received all the things she needed and lots of sweet little blue bits and pieces. It won't be long now. Only about 4 weeks to go. Yipee!

    Strider, I'm going to make a point of reading your great to be a man post! You guys...good thing we love you!

    Hilary, I love the radio too. I wish I had my old one back. I just wonder what old thing I will look back on with fondness in another 40 years...if I'm still here!

    Sparky...I had to google ... to find out they were called ellipses so don't feel too bad! Those Calvin and Hobbes snowmen cartoons make me giggle and giggle. Love them.

  11. What a randomly interesting post! A little of everything and.... something for everyone....Your little pink ladies on yesterday's post are so beautiful!

  12. You were correct about the article. I am of the opinion people don't respond in charity because the government makes a mockery of providing for everyone in need and desensitizes the overtaxed populace to its existence. If the dole was removed then taxes to support it could be too and people would reach out as they became aware of others' problems. It would be a satisfying venture and those truely in need would be feed, clothed, and ministered to. The others would have to find jobs and feed themselves once again. Pappy

  13. From one ellipsis-lover to gives the reader time to process the next sentence...that's my story and I'm sticking to it...
    Love & Laughter

  14. I really enjoyed this post! I'm with ya on the cheesey email things. And I always love Calvin & Hobbs--they are classic!!


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