Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mirror, Mirror...what does my Lipstick say about Me?

My company is gone.
The house is quiet.
I have the crud.

In lieu of an intelligent thought provoking post, I thought this might be a good time to ask you what your lipstick looks like? It seems the way we apply our lipstick says something about our personalities.

Enlarge to read

L'oeal Saucy Mauve

This is what my current tube looks like. I think I'm a sharply angled curved tip/rounded smooth tip combo...which is exactly who I am in real life.

What about you?


  1. Sharp-Angled Tip
    Personality Profile

    Dislikes schedules
    Selective of friends
    Likes attention

    Okay, Stevie, this is me, I guess -though I don't think it fits me to a T, it's fairly accurate.

  2. Oh, this is too funny. Who needs a zodiac sign when all we had to do is look at our lipstick? ha!

    Smooth, rounded tip...easy going, even-tempered, likeable, generous, peacemaker, ...yes, yes, and yes! hee!

  3. Ha Ha - I lurve these! I'm a Sharp-Angled Tip.

    Hope your feeling better soon!

  4. That is SO cool.
    I am OUT of play on this one...I am into the new COLOR STAY...the tube has a put it on in the morning and STILL have color at bedtime! I love that!

    Get rid of the crud!

  5. Glad I don't have to use that stuff Steviewren! :-) Enjoyed your children photos on your previous blog. - Dave

  6. This is way too cool! Unfortunately I use a lipstick that is liquid, so I never get any shapes out of it, but I think when I used a compact one, it looked like yours.
    Imagine what a coincidence, I have a lipstick post planned for this week as well.;)

  7. Great post Stevie! I use a liquid lipstick now but I was a smooth rounded tip in a former life!

    Hope you get better soon.

    Jeanne x

  8. I don't wear lipstick much. I don't wear makeup unless I dress up. So I had to go look at mine to see what it looks like. It doesn't look like any of these. Mine is flattened out but with an angle. Hmmmm...

    I hope you get to feeling well soon. These holidays are hard on us.

  9. I don't wear lipstick. Does this mean I have no life?


  10. Wow! great post! I think Betsy was really right! Who needs zodiac signs if your lipstick can tell you stuff! I'm gonna try it, then I'll tell you ;)

  11. sharply angled .. ain't that the truth!

  12. I always enjoy reading your blog. where do you find these things? Hope you start to feel better soon.

  13. Smooth rounded tip, reporting for duty. I am not that happy with any of my lipstick shades right now.

  14. I'm a flat top and it's SO true! Especially the needs approval part. Don't know why I still need approval after all I have accomplished. But that's okay, isn't it? Isn't it????

  15. I'm also a smooth rounded top type of gal! lol I've been wearing more chap stick than anything else this winter ...brrr

    I see in comments you aren't feeling well? Hope you are better soon!

  16. you put it on in the morning and STILL have color at bedtime! I love that!

    agua bendita

  17. i'm wondering if i don't wear lipstick if that means if i don't have a personality. hee hee

    seriously i'm the creative, energetic one in the top right corner with slight leanings toward every other shape.

    love the shade of your lipstick!

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