Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 Blue Girls

About 2 weeks ago I traded desks with a co-worker. She thought it was always hot around her desk and I was sure I would freeze to death at mine. Now she is cooler and I don't have to wear my coat all day.

I was able to make another change as well. I can place the report I work from in front of me again.

I quickly noticed something. Everything I draw isn't crooked now. You see at my former desk, the report had to be set to my right. I doodled then also, but everything came out lopsided.

I have an astigmatism. Maybe that's why I can't draw straight when my paper is on the side.

altered with Photoshop

It's nice to be able to doodle again while I work.


  1. Ideal how that worked out for you. Your doodles are always wonderful. That looks like a lot of work to Photoshop the numbers out.

  2. Little changes can mean so much!

    I also have astigmatism...by this time of the night the keyboard is all blurry. Time to shut down the computer.

  3. I too freeze all the time. I have the heating at my lab bench put on maximum and when I lived in NC in the summer I kept my windows opened as I hated the AC.;) Everyone though I was crazy.
    No matter what you think of your straight lines or not, those blue ladies are beautiful.;)

  4. interesting analogy. love these blue girls lots.

  5. LOL I'm like your friend... I live in my own personal summer. I'm really dreading hot flashes because I'm sure I will combust! Needless to say, I am NOT a fan of these TN summers.

  6. Do you doodle on your grocery list too?

  7. I would think seeing straight and not freezing would make work a little more enjoyable! I think your stapler looks happier, too! ha. Love the blue doodle girls! :)

  8. I am glad you are more comfortable at work. I love seeing your doodles. Your people seem so alive.

  9. ...seeing life from a different perspective...Change is good...

  10. Steviewren, your Blue Ladies are stunning just as they are, straight lines or not!

    Jeanne x

    PS I like the 'Learn Something Everyday' in your sidebar. Look forward to more fascinating facts!

  11. the sealed window behind me leaks cold air .. when the sun moves away I spend a lot of time pulling a shawl around my neck/shoulder and taking it off .. sigh .. I hate being cold

    I am not sure an astingmatism makes you draw slanted.. it elongates things .. Modigiliani is an example of astigmatic art .. me? I have trouble getting photos focused w/o auto focus .. my dominant eye has astingmatism which my glasses are supposed to correct .. not so well ...

  12. ha ha - I can relate, I am a hot girl too! As always, I lurve your drawings!

  13. They say a change is as good as a rest!

    I got caught once doodling at my desk. It was just before Christmas and I was trying to draw a Santa Claus but I just couldn't get it right. Next thing a voice from behind me said "You're making his arms too long!" It was the boss. I wish a hole had opened in the ground.


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