Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nice Spaces

I've been doing a lot of browsing lately looking for creative inspiration. Apartment Therapy is a great site to find various design sensibilities.

How would you like to have a little book nook like this?

This kitchen feels cozy to me...."stay and cook" it whispers.

Yes, I know the colors are a bit intense, but they make me think warmth, tropical, Matisse and I like that.

I'm always attracted to collections. And faces.

And numbers.

This bench fascinates me. It looks like it was built from 50s style kitchen trim. You know the stuff that would have been over the doors and under the cabinets. I love it.

I lust for a huge wall over my work area to pin up any and everything that might visually inspire me. Alas, the only walls that would work are across the room and I'm too nearsighted to be inspired by any thing hanging that far away.

I adore a light filled space.

Something about this bedroom says "you can relax here."

So, what inspires you? What would your dream spaces look like? If you're like me and love looking for decorating inspiration and have nothing else to do on these dismal, snowy, gray days of winter then please put together a dream house tour on your blog and invite me over for more decorating inspiration. Show us what you like and why.


  1. Oh I like that bench too. How cool. And there's something about those rug colours that I feel I shouldn't like.. but do anyway.

  2. I like the bright colours, Steviewren. Specially the yellow room. I visited a house at a home-show once which was built to be moved to a site by truck, and every room was brightly painted, with one wall of each room a different colour to the other three. I loved it. I would love to have bought that house and lived in it! Jill didn't approve though - sad :-) - Dave

  3. It's such fun looking at things like this. I don't know how I started subscribing to "House Beautiful" - actually, I think someone gave it to me for a gift. I do enjoy looking at all the lovely decorating schemes but I never have had that kind of money. I do love seeing what creative things people have done who are a little more budget oriented.

  4. I have been having similar inclinations recently, going through some of my magazines and feeling very inspired by some of their living ideas.
    I love all the ones you list here, truly beautiful.

  5. Ah, and for what inspires me, I will save that for a post.;)

  6. It must be in the air. I have been looking at our house with the redecorating eye. Ha... Our kitchen needs work. I love all of the color but my husband would faint if I painted a room with that much color. Our house is all brown and green it seems except our bedroom which is a orangy leaning toward terracotta. Hmmmm I see a pattern here.

  7. I covet that little book nook! There are some great ideas here thanks Stevie.

  8. Some great decor choices...I like most of them - the yellow is tad too intense, but really like the book nook.

  9. I love the book nook .. we did a similar thing around our bed .. two tall almost to the ceiling bookshelves connected by a another shelf laid across like a bridge with 2 more shelves below it and above our pillows ... we even got a little twisty neck lamp that could be screwed into the 'wall' the shelf provides so I can read while lying in bed .. not that I do, I find reading and being in bed dont work,I either fall asleep with glasses on or keep reading well past time to sleep enough so I get up NOT tired .. such problems, should be the worst I ever encounter.

  10. I just love this bedroom - an eclectic, shabby-look with a touch of the orient!
    I really like the pin-board wall too!
    What a great idea to have a dream house tour. A post for the near future I think!

    Jeanne x

  11. omg i love every one of these for different reasons, they all sing to me, sigh.

  12. Oh my, that book nook space has my name all over it! Gosh, I like so many architectural designs, each little nook would probably have a different mood to adapt to each activity. Tea time, reading, scrap booking, television, card and game room, etc.


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