Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Weather Advisory

Today is the 3rd day out of the last 4 that we've gotten snow.

the 12th: 2 to 2 1/2 inches.
the 13th: was a no snow day
the 14th: snow blew in from MS and left us with a dusting and icy roads this morning
the 15th: I walked out of the grocery store after work and IT"S SNOWING AGAIN

Toto, we're not in Alabama anymore!


  1. It's beautiful, isn't it?
    We're buried and I'm loving it!

  2. :) Crazy, innit? Yikes...I'm counting the days left until spring!

  3. Love the blue tablecloth post, sorry I missed the gathering! Did you paint the tulips? They are beautiful. You can keep the snow down in Alabama! I am ready for spring, it was 49 and sunny here today and it felt like 80 to me.

  4. Brrrrr, please stay warm. But I have already seen your tea post, so I know you are making the best out of it.;)


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