Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Famous couples....infamous couples....historical couples....literary couples....BFFs....parents and grandparents....television and movie couples....who are your favorite couples?

I drew this a couple of weeks ago.
Bonnie and Clyde

Some of mine are:

Elizabeth and Darcy
George and Gracie
Harry and Sally
Barbie and Ken
June and Ward Cleaver
Lucy and Desi
Rhett and Scarlett
Damon and Affleck


  1. I guess it would be wrong to suggest Wine & Chocolate..

  2. LOL to Hilary's comment, that would be my favorite couple too.;)) Hehe.
    I like the couples you suggest; additionally as a famous couple I have always liked Goldie and Kurt and in fiction Heathcliff and Catherine.;)
    In reality my own parents.;))

  3. Yes, Heathcliff and Catherine came to mind and I see Protege has already mentioned them. How about Boneparte and Josephine? Count Almasy and Katherine Clifton? Tracy and Hepburn? This was fun! :)

  4. How about stained jeans and pretreater----that's my favorite!

    You know----I like Bruce and Demi. I know they're not together, but I envy the positive environment that they've built for their children. Having mixed families is so difficult, and it's cool to see them in action holding it all together.

    Have a great day!


  5. Gus & Rose (our cats)
    Alison and Joe (the couple on Medium)
    Erica Kane and anyone of her many husbands
    I know I am being silly but my fav couple are me and the Husband

  6. Oh my goodness, I have the perfect answers:

    Bo and Luke
    Ponch and John
    Tom and Jerry

    and then, Beth and Brandon :-)

  7. Maybe that was really showing my kitschy, 80's child side...

  8. I'm with Daryl, I'd have to say Hubby and me! Hubby might add Peanut Butter and Jelly!

  9. Ahh, my favorite gal is back to posting my favorite - your drawings!

    Hmmm... I'll add a few as well. Wine and Cheese. Coffee and Cream. Tequila and Mix! ha ha

  10. strawberries and chocolate
    ketchup and fries
    harry and sally
    annie and crash
    paul and joanne
    barrack and michelle
    butch and sundance

  11. Paul Newman and his wife.
    Pat and Jeff, Lisa and Gary.

  12. you're back and i've missed several of your posts!! glad your pc is healed and you're back in bloggyhood!

    some of my fave couples:

    butch and sundance
    shopgirl and ny152
    lennon & mccartney
    mom and dad
    simon & garfunkle

  13. My husband and I. Married since 1966. He's my private stand-up comic.

  14. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.


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