Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back online, but I'm out of the blogging loop. I can't think of anything interesting to say. I haven't really made any art while I've been offline. Actually, I don't know what I have been doing this past month.

Work is busy once again. I make collection calls for the major part of the day. The two offices in town are blended so there are twice as many people working out of the same space as before.

It has done nothing but rain all month. The grass is green and growing, but so are the weeds. It is too wet every weekend to mow so my yard is getting out of hand.

I am posting a couple of pictures of the cutest (IMHO) grandkids in the world. Wouldn't you agree?

Aubrey and Avery after their dance recital Saturday

Aiden with his Great Granddaddy, my Daddy

Elijah weekend before last when I babysat for the cutie pie

Doesn't my dad look great? My parents are in their late 70s. Daddy has always been the picture of health. He wasn't even on any type of medication until a month ago. Then he found out he has a type of cancer called multiple myeloma. It is incurable, but treatable. He is in the early stages although he was told he's probably had it for some time. The doctor is very upbeat and the medication he takes won't make him sick. Mostly older men get it. Men who have been exposed to agricultural fertilizers and herbicides, radiation, or chemicals such as arsenic, lead or asbestos. My daddy worked in the steel industry all of his life and was heavily exposed to asbestos dust.

You just get used to your parents never being sick. It doesn't seem right.


  1. But its good news that its treatable .. and there are no side effects .. he looks great and the grands look so sweet/cute

    SO good to see you here!

  2. That Aubrey always reminds me of Pippy Longstocking! ;)

    Yes, your dad looks really great! Hope all goes well with the treatments!

    Welcome back! Blogland just isn't the same without you!

  3. Good thoughts to your Dad! Mine is 81 and going downhill:(
    Glad your back, now if we could get Peggy @ Johnstone to come back!

  4. Welcome back, my dear! I have been MIA myself, what with the new house and puppy and all. Whew!

    Anyone, so glad to read a good ole' Stevie blog! :)


  5. Hi Steviewren, feels like its been ages since we connected. I'm liking the bright and sunshiny colours over here. Your grandkids are cute, no doubt about it. Your grandson baby boy is the very picture of health! Your daddy does look good as a matter of fact, I'm sorry to hear he's been struck with an illness that may diminish his enjoyment of his golden years but hopefully with the treatment, life will still be good for him and you will continue to have him around.

    Glad to hear that work has picked up again, I know it drove you nuts when you were so bored with nothing to do at the office.

    You know I can't think of what I did for the past month either!~

  6. Welcome back! Glad your computer has been fixed now; as for blogging ideas, not to worry, they will come streaming back to you. Besides, this post is great!;)
    I am going on vacation in 4 weeks and already now the only thing I think about is how I will miss blogging and whether everyone will forget me while I am gone.;)) Talk about addiction, hehe.:P

    The pictures of your family are lovely; very cute looking girls and babies.;)
    And your father looks incredible for his age. Sorry to hear about his illness, but it seem to be possible to treat, which is a good thing.

    Wishing you wonderful Monday.;)

  7. I'm glad your Dad's cancer is manageable. He really does look like the picture of health. Not only do you have some of the greatest-looking grandchildren around - he also has some of the greatest-looking great grandchildren around. Welcome back. :)

  8. Glad to have you back. I am sure that you will be posting creative blogs in no time. It has been a very rainy spring here too. It is only 47 degrees right now...I hate it! You have adorable grandchildren, they look very happy! I wish your father the best.
    Have a great Monday.

  9. Loved seeing recent pics of everyone!! We will be praying for Grandpa, of course. Love and miss you.

  10. Hi Steviewren!

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad's illness. It IS very hard to watch your parents fall ill -- it's awful that it is incurable, but at least it's treatable. I'll be praying for him.

    Really glad you're back. Your photos of the grandkids and your father are wonderful!


  11. Yippee!! Welcome back Stevie! Sorry to hear about your dad being sick. He does look great, doesn't he? And that little Elijah is growing like a weed.

    Hey, I just bought a container of pimento cheese, since I had a hankerin'!

  12. You're right, those are the cutest grandchildren! The photos you have of your parents with the grandchildren are going to make great memories for everybody, keep them going into the albums.

  13. Welcome back Stevie! It does take time to get back into the "blogging saddle" when a person has been away from it for

    I'm sorry to hear the news about your Dad, but it sounds like his condition is under control and his life expectancy is good. Thank goodness for modern medicine! He looks so happy holding his great grandson.

    Elijah has gotten so big! I lopve his reddish hair color! All your grands are adorable!


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