Monday, June 22, 2009


She dictated and I wrote. We both drew. Lilly and Tiim bad boy! is the companion to her earlier work Ann's Badness. She said she is writing a collection of stories about bad children.

She is almost seven. She is a pixie and a stinker.

At the top of the third page, you might find that you are confused by the phrase "battled Tim slides...." as much as MK was when she read her story aloud to her parents and sisters. She looked puzzled and I asked what was it supposed to say...she replied, "bad ole Tim slides."

Sorry folks, I just writes what I hears!


  1. We'll have to get Ann's Badness to Gramma so she can publish the prequel to Lilly and Tiim, Bad Boy!

    MK is a funny little writer...super creative and outside the box!

    Thanks, Gramma, for teaming up with her. Precious memories made.

    Beth (mk's mama)

  2. that soooo sounds like my niece!!! so cute.

  3. Ha ha! I love that, "She is a pixie and a stinker!" That is just great!

    Having fun then?


  4. Oh, I'm giggling! That MK, she is an original, that is for sure!

    Stevie, are you okay? Beth texted me... Praying.

  5. how creative she is!!!!! this is just too cute for words. grab onto these times and relish them like crazy, my friend.

  6. hahaha...I am chuckling here! Too cute! =)

  7. That is sooooo funny! ha ha I agree, great memories are being made! What a hoot!

  8. What a precocious pixie!... and creative too...


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