Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sprechen Sie Deutsch

Today's Postcard Friendship Friday is brought to you courtesy of Ludwigsburg, Germany home of the largest Baroque castle in the country. Ludwigsburg can be found a short 12 kilometers north of Stuttgart.

Grube aus Ludwigsburg/Greet from Ludwigsburg

I'd love to know what this card says if anyone speaks German and can translate for me.

I tried one of those online translators and this is what I got.

Dear Eva
Thank you for thve map on the mid toe pleased i have and i write the thven a postcard i am mid zebr who lie mid again write today for kemme i Ichbieb. he grukl
you Erika

This card is from a lot of postcards I purchased from Ebay. The message is dated May 26, 1988 and is addressed to:

Eva Nechenia
Shalom Yehuda 14
Jerusalem, Israel

Please let me know if you can figure it out. Until then, Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!


  1. Interesting postcard.

    How are you feeling?? Do you have a new car yet??

  2. Sure thing chicken wing! I lived in Germany for 8 years so I've got you covered:)

    Dear Eva,
    Thank you for this card which I was very happy o receive. I will happily write a postcard. I will be happy when you write again. That is enough for today.

    hehehe... she sure is happy isn't she! Happy PFF!

  3. Erika is a happy one. Shame about her mid toe, though.

    Hope you're feeling ok, Steviewren..

  4. Stevie, go to Reader Wil's blog and ask her to come over and translate it! She's a sweetheart, I'm sure she'd love too!
    She's on my blog roll.

  5. I am intrigued by the garden Looks like it is some sort of symbol.

  6. This so illustrates the friendship postcards helped keep alive back before Twitter and Facebook .

    Have a nice weekend,hope your aches are subsiding

  7. Those beautiful pictures remind me of castles I have just seen on my travels.;))) I agree with the translation Marie has offered, that would be my suggestion too. But nothing beats the one that the net gave you, I am still laughing.;))

  8. Wish I could help. My German is pretty poor so I can make out some words but I'd make as much sense as that translation!

  9. Lovely Postcard! Someday I want to go there...Happy PFF!

  10. what a great find. :) and a happy translation?

  11. outstanding postcard, great idea!happy PFF xx

  12. How is that Marie so smart??? Is there anything she can't read??? ;)
    This is my first PFF and my first visit here and I am thoroughly enjoying catching up on your previous posts.
    I hope you have taken plenty Tylenol and feeling not so sore.
    everything vintage

  13. Those translator things are great, but they do leave a lot to the imagination LOL

  14. Hi
    Happy Pff to you .
    What a beautiful place.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I now know that as any good Post Mistress should Marie can also translate our cards into great happiness :)
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Happy Trails

  15. A map on the mid toe sounds infinitely more interesting than Marie's translation - sorry Marie!! :)

  16. Nice detail that it is a German girl writing to her Jewish friend in Israel. Marie did a fine translation. The word on the card is Grüsse: that strange 'b' is the typical German 'Ringel-s'.

  17. :-)
    Love your card and I love the translation by both you and Marie.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  18. Happy PFF! Someday I'll be back in the game again, for now just busy with the fun details of life! Have a great weekend my friend!

  19. Thanks Marie and Protege for the help with translating. Your version makes much more sense than mine.

    There is still a lot going on here, but I will get around to all of your PFF posts as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting.

  20. Beautiful card and enjoyed reading the translation, go MArie.

  21. very interesting postcard with its 4 vignettes on one card. i use online translation services occasionally at work and find that i can't trust it 100%. i always double check everything with the french or spanish dictionary.

    have a wonderful weekend!!!

  22. Stevie ~ I went up to Willow Manor for the day yesterday. We ate lunch at Cal. Pizza kitchen and had the Thai Crunch Salad! Yum, Yum! We thought of you!

  23. Betsy, You're making me hungry! How fun!

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