Monday, January 17, 2011

Never, Neverland

Hello. My name is Stephanie and I'm a mess. Even when I clean out drawers or closets. Even when I purge and purge and purge. I am and shall always be a mess.

My craft area will never resemble this neat rolling caddy. Paper stacks will continue to topple over no matter how many times I carefully rearrange the items.

The floor will be littered with reams of cut up magazines pages. My trash can over-floweth yet, everywhere I look there are excesses of bits and pieces.

I could vow to stop saving torn out magazine pages, snippets of pretty paper, canceled postage stamps or pretty advertising,  but it is a vow I cannot keep. I'm helpless in the sight of PAPER!

Just looking at this drawer makes me feel defeated!  There is no way I could keep a drawer looking this pristine for even one day.

Buttons would jump over the edge of the bowl in wild abandon just as soon as I closed the drawer.

Once I piled the half dozen pairs of scissors I own in the drawer, the pretty emptiness of the space would be forever ruined.

Why you ask do I own a half dozen pairs of scissors?  (it's really more than that)

Because I hate not being able to find a pair when I need them. Besides, I keep using the cloth scissors on paper and ruining them. Then I HAVE to buy a new pair.

This last image makes me feel like laughing. Who could keep a stationary drawer looking as neat as a pin?

Maybe you, but surely not me!

Disclaimer: In no way do the above images represent, either now or in the past, any storage spaces in my home.  Photography custody of Better Homes and Gardens.


  1. Ha Ha - Totally and completely relatable! By the way, how did the job interview go the other day? Promising?

  2. Oh, me, either. Not possible. Most of my drawers are stuffed so full they can't close. But I adore looking at perfect drawers.

  3. Oh, this was hilarious! For the record (and no offense to tidy readers) there is something wrong with people who can keep it as tidy as your pictures show, at all times.
    When I create or work, my work bench looks as if something exploded. But to me there is an order in that mess.;) I think all creative people are messy, if you ask me.;)) And life is a mess.;)
    Have a lovely messy day,

  4. People who don't use their "stuff" are those that can keep it like this. I always like to start out like this but always end up making a big mess. I occasionally straighten when things get out of hand but heck if you use it it won't stay that way.

  5. The kitchen drawer!! It would be nice to have the extra time to clean it out... but then, what do you do with the stuff that you take out. Surely we're not going to throw it away; you know, if we did, within a week we'd need that which we threw away yesterday... isn't life just grand! Smiles!
    :) Lord Thomas of Wellington

  6. Please don't ask how many "kitchen drawers" we have. I've lost count; they're all over the house... hee hee

  7. Did those photos come from Martha Stewart's craft room? She's the only one anal enough that I would think could possibly keep something like that looking neat as a pin. My house it spotless most of the time, but go into my art studio and it looks like a tornado has been through it. I am the biggest slob in the world down there and my friends/family are shocked by it. But I love it that way. It feels homey.

  8. I love this post! I love it that you LOVE papers and beautiful snippets of color and art. AND, as much as I love a TIDY drawer think of all the lovely creations you can make from your recycled art supplies! ENDLESS!

  9. oh, I do like to keep things neat , but living gets in the way.
    you really can't have it both ways all the time.

    I also tend to procrastinate a project doing the cleaning organizing thing and that's silly.

  10. If I had drawers like that I wouldn't touch them...would just sit and stare at them:)

  11. We have a lot in common! I am Denise and I am a mess! Is there hope for us? Can we get organized and stay that way? When we want the fabric scissors, we will find them! We will also be able to find the glue sticks, buttons and pretty paper we bought just yesterday! Is there hope? It would be a dream to be so organized! And do it in such a cute way!

  12. You know, I love to clean out a drawer, get rid of the unnecessary and leave it all shipshape, but it surely, never, EVER stays that way. Ever.

    Love the post. And the pics. Those photos are from the home of a madwoman, to be sure.

  13. I too am a messy clutter lover .. I do however try to be more organized/neat at work ..

  14. How can one create without making a mess? Although those are pretty craft area ideas, there's really not much there. Creating Mail Art alone takes more than that!

  15. Ah, I was unsure of your name Steviewren. May I call you Steph, or what do you prefer? Regarding being tidy, hmmm, I guess someone as creative as you may be excused if things get a little out of hand? Hope you hear back soon about your job application. If you don't get it perhaps its not meant to be? - Dave

  16. I share the same problem Stevie! I have too much craft paraphernalia and collected paper scraps to ever think I can organize it so neatly or compactly!


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