Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gramma's Brag Book

Just a few pictures to show off the babies:

Elijah celebrated his second birthday yesterday. He is all into Cars, so that was the theme of his party.  If the present is an indicator of the future then I would like to make a few predictions about him.

1. He will drive a fast car...probably a red one.
2. He will be an early reader. He already recognizes most of the alphabet and knows many of the letter sounds.
3. He will be artistic. He loves to color, can draw a circle, knows a face needs eyes, nose and mouth,and  tries to draw letters.
4. He will enjoy any type of tinkering that requires the use of tools.
5. He will probably be an inventor or a space explorer. I am extrapolating this from the fact that he loves it when his daddy helps him make robots out of Playdoh. I'm a bit too proud of a Gramma... I feel the same way about the rest of my Grands as well....doesn't being a grandmother entitle you to think yours are the best and brightest? And the cutest?  

Speaking of cute....Emma looked like a cutie-pie in her hair bow yesterday.

She is almost three months. She smiles and giggles so I'm predicting she will be a happy contented adult when she's all grown up. That is certainly my wish for all ten of them.


  1. Aww little sweeties. Happy Birthday to Elijah! I can't believe you're the grandmother of 10! You look young enough to keep popping them out yourself. ;)

  2. Happy birthday to Elijah! He sounds like a very smart and talented little boy. Emma is absolutely adorable!

    I had to smile at your predictions ... I think my grandson will grow up to be a train engineer as he is obsessed with Thomas the Train. :)

  3. I enjoyed seeing pictures of Elijah and Emma.

  4. TEN wonderful grandbabies!

    So cute. Happy Birthday to sweet Elijah and that Emma is a doll!

  5. Love to see pics of the grands! They are adorable!

  6. This is such a cute post! Thanks for sharing your Grands with have every reason to be proud! :)

  7. Gorgeous and Adorable:) You do have every right to brag as a grandmother:)

  8. Oh, he has grown so much! Happy belated birthday Elijah.;) I love all the predictions.;)
    And Emma is so cute she could be a baby model.) Did you knwo my youngest niece is called Emma.;))
    Have a great Monday,

  9. I think all young kids are cute. But your grands are specially cute Steph! - :-) Dave

  10. Handsome and gorgeous ... and creative genes abound!

  11. Ten!?!? That's awesome...and if they are all this cute then you must keep that camera going all the time!

  12. They are certainly cute and you should be proud! I love the images in the mirror, very nice!

  13. Sweet adorable grandchildren Stephanie. The wrapping paper brings back memories of "Hot Wheels" for me...a favorite of the grandsons.

    Elijah and Emma couldn't be cuter and I love their names.

  14. They ARE the cutest Grandma! Have a lovely Valentine weekend with your family!


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