Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Week in Pictures

Monday was pretty. I ate lunch in a new spot.

This lookout is the starting point for Vulcan Trail.  The walking trail follows the old route of the Mineral Branch of the L&N Railroad as it used run along Red Mountain.


The parking lot looks out over the south side of the city.

Can you see that pretty brown church in the middle of the photo?  I work about 3 or 4 blocks south and 1 block west of that. (which would be right below the spot where I'm parked almost)

It is located directly below the new man in my week days.

This is what he looked like on Thursday. If you click and enlarge you might be able to see the mantle of snow he was wearing across his chest.

We had a nice dusting of fluffy white stuff over night Wednesday.

Lucky for me, the streets were clear. No ice, so I had an easy drive to work.

Every night this past week I found some time to work on this afghan that I'm working on for one of my sister's children. (Taylor, if you read this DO NOT TELL!)

Twenty years ago, I made one just like this for myself and one for my sister. A few years ago I found out that my sister's kids loved it and fought over who would get to use it. I hadn't used mine in a long time, so I gave it to the oldest sibling.

Now I'm making one for my nephew and then I'll make one for my niece. Believe it or not, I never get rid of any crafty stuff and I was able to find the crochet pattern I'd used for the original ones.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day crafting to my little heart's content. I was inspired by an empty Bisquick box and this post to make Rachel a little Valentine's gifty.

And yes, these photos were taken in a parking lot. I forgot to snap a few shots before leaving home, so I took a few after I'd picked up a big bag of pink M&Ms for her.

Check out this link for a cute green-crafting idea using brown paper sacks as gift bags.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. I see that big red M&M person on the bag peeking out at me. BOO! Oh wait, that's a different holiday... LOL


  2. Love all your photos. I like to eat lunch in my car when I music, my view, BY MYSELF!

    DARLING Valentine Rachel will LOVE it!

  3. I love your lunchtime view! That is going to be a wonderful scene all year round!

    Love the color combination on the afghan!

    And that bisquick box gift is just adorable!

  4. I am glad you found a new haunt for your lunch time respite. Having the new "man" to watch over you is a good thing too. ;) I will look forward to reading about the lunch time escapades. I had one of those afghans when I was younger. Love the colors of this one. I hope you have a great week.

  5. Love your adorably crafted valentine's gifty box! You are so creative! I am so NOT crafty:( Love your new lunchtime place of solitude too...

  6. Hi, I haven't been here in awhile, but I enjoyed your photos and how clever to use a Bisquick box for a valentine!

    You have been awarded the Life is Good Award. Please go to my blog to see all details:

    Enjoy it!!!

  7. Happy Valentines day dear friend - I love your pictures of the pink box taken at the parking lot, it looks very artistic actually.;))
    You seem to have really been busy being creative this past week.;)I hope you are still happy in your new job.;)
    Have a lovely Monday,

  8. Don't you just love making green crafts? Your daughter must of loved the pretty pink box. I could make them all day. Thanks for mentioning me in the post! It made my morning. More snow in the south, this is a crazy winter! Thanks for the little glimpse into your work week. I wish I could crotchet, I never got the hang of it. I think all I could do was a chain stitch and nothing else!

  9. Really cute gift bags! Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Your view is pretty, Stevie, and it will be fun to see how it changes with the seasons. The afghan you are making looks so thick and cozy warm..lovely colors.

    Thanks for the cool box and bag idea link. Your box came out so pretty!

  11. hope you had a wonderful day today!!! and yes, thank you for keeping bham alive for me with these shots.

  12. Ah a dusting of snow, how lovely! I remember my Mom crocheting a afghan with that same pattern probably 20 years or more ago! Now I'm going to have to call her and share the memory! ha ha That is one very C-U-T-E Valentine box!


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