Monday, April 4, 2011

Super Sleuth Monday is official talk back to the host day.


Go shopping?
Buy anything?:
Visit with friend?
Catch a movie?
See a street fair or art show?
Go to church?
Sleep in?
Discover a cure for cancer?
Kiss a baby?
Write the next great American novel?
Attend a party?
Mow the grass?
Shovel snow?

Your turn. Talk back!

ps Can anyone guess the identity of the girl in the photo?  I took her picture on my weekend ramblings.


  1. It looks like Nancy Drew to me. This weekend was quite busy. I worked in the garden spreading mulch and moving a few plants around; went birding; watched the basketball playoffs; strolled over to meet the new neighbors and in general relaxed and enjoyed the warmer weather.

  2. Stayed home for the most part... Hubby did our very first grass mowing of the year. I did a bit of spring house keeping and other than that we just chilled.


  3. I went to the East Lake Art at Ruffner Mt. IT was great!!! Nice weather for change. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

  4. Saturday walked the dogs early and then had a stall at a craft fayre in town, then flopped. Sunday, Mothering Sunday in the UK so spoke a lot to my daughters and savoured their cards and gifts, chatted to friends, had an afternoon doze, walked dogs. Too much chocolate, one too many pieces of millionaires shortbread. Thanks for asking.

  5. It's Nancy Drew if I am not mistaken. We had a small family birthday party for my daughter on Saturday night. She asked for tacos, so I made tacos, spanish rice, taco salad and corn bread. I made Paula Deen's boxed vanilla cupcakes, they were very good! Sunday, I started my spring cleaning. Right now, I am wondering why I started this my "old fashioned spring cleaning". I know it must be done! It is a gray day today, great for movie watching, but no, I will clean!

  6. is that nancy drew?! i didn't do anything exciting but fulfilling. mom and i cleaned out the shed in preparation for the chickens we're going to raise for eggs. ok, maybe in my world that was exciting! hee hee

  7. Nancy Drew!

    I beautified™ , I did some photo hunting at a new to me spot in Central Park, I finished a good book and started another .. and I tried hard to drown my head cold in tea ..

    AND you won the giveaway on my blog!!!!

  8. I did quite a bit of yard work, took several photos of wild turkeys in my back yard, wondered the woods and creek bed with my granddaughter, baked a pizza, watched a thunderstorm roll in and viewed robins building a nest!

  9. How fun! I'd recognize Nancy anywhere!

  10. My girls are reading NANCY DREW! What fun it is to re-visit her mysteries!!!

    Hmmm, we had a birthday here this weekend so did some shopping, decorating and baking for a very special birthday boy!

  11. Hugged my daughter.

    I read every single Nancy Drew book when I was a girl. Happy memories.

  12. I had a great weekend. My two oldest friends came by on Saturday night, and on Friday, I made plans to reunite with a loved one. Top it off with my older son's birthday today.. and the weekend was pretty damn near perfect.

  13. I returned late Saturday from my lovely three day visit in West Sacramento, a hundred miles north, with my middle son and his wife, Laura. Sunday, I went to the Asian Art Museum with my friend and mentor, Joanne. We saw the visiting Bali exhibit and got to see a presentation of Balinese dance. I was fortunate to visit Indonesia fourteen years ago on a cruise which stopped at three different ports there and overnighted on the beautiful island of Bali. This museum visit brought back so many lovely memoris.

  14. Caught up with friends and family...forcing them to see vacation photos for dinner:) Also walked a 5K with family members for Relay for Life....Busy! I loved Nancy Drew as a child but my favorite was Trixie Belden:)

  15. I'm a week late visiting, Hmmmm.... last weekend I starting look at the morning in a new way since I'm off coffee for a few weeks and my caffeine headache went away. That was no fun! ha ha


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