Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts

“Today, I’m going to nurture my inner martyr.” I don’t know who wrote this, I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.  It’s the perfect description of my mindset…but in a humorous way.

My sense of humor has always been self-deprecating. People are always telling me to stop to putting myself down, but I say if we can’t laugh at ourselves, our foibles, then life is too serious and perhaps a bit sad as well. I believe that being kind to others is of the utmost importance, but using yourself as a target of ire or cynicism is okay…who am I hurting that way? I’m not hurting myself. I know the truth about myself. I have good traits and bad ones. If I dwell on the good ones too much my head swells to the size of a ripened melon…better to see myself as I am, a person who struggles with a myriad of things, just like everyone else I know.


There is nothing like sitting in a darkened theater, munching popcorn, watching the trailers roll and knowing that you are about to be transported away from the mundane things of life and into a world where the possibilities are endless. I A-D-O-R-E going to the movies!

Last night, Rachel went with me to see Midnight in Paris, the new Woody Allen movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can read a review of the movie here. I’d encourage you to go if it sounds like your cup of tea. My point in bringing it up is to recount to you what happened afterwards.

After spending 2 hours walking along the streets of Paris with the characters in the movie, Rachel and I walked out of the theater, happily chatting about our day (it was my birthday and she and the children picked me up at work, took me to a middle eastern restaurant for lunch and then we met again in the evening to see the movie, my request). It was a great birthday, perfect for me.

The night was lit by the silvery light of a full moon. Even though the day had been a scorcher; the night was comfortably warm with a wonderful breeze. We talked for a few minutes, I hugged her and we said our final good nights and happy birthdays, then I left her at her car and I continued walking to mine, thinking what a fine night it was, remembering the scenes of Paris at night, comparing those magical scenes to my own in a favorable way…until I realized that the lights of Paris at night in no way compare to the well lit Wal-Mart parking lot which was where my car was parked.

I just have to say…when a movie makes a Wal-Mart parking lot feel magical and romantic, then that is movie magic at its best.


Ever see anything that makes you ask "Why?"  The scene below did it for me.

I want to know how this happened. Did someone get tired of their feet hurting, open a window and toss out an offending pair of shoes? Did a spouse resent the fact that their partner had spent money on another pair of shoes when something else was needed? Did someone tie a pair of tennis shoes together, stand in the street and throw them into the air to see what might happen? Were they dropped from a small engine plane as it flew overhead?

How did this happen? How did those shoes get there?

Inquiring minds want to know!

And that folks is the extent of my wandering thoughts for now. 


  1. A pair of shoes hanging on the power lines like that is a symbol that it's a drug spot to buy/sell. Just so you know! Don't loiter around with a wad of money in your hand or anything! hahaha

    Loved the birthday story and the movie. I'll think of you next time I'm in the Walmart parking lot! lol! and happy birthday to you! I'm glad it was a wonderful celebration!

  2. Betsy, for real about drugs and the shoes? That is just a block over from where I work. Or are you pulling my leg, if so you got me!

  3. And two blocks from a police station!

  4. Oh I enjoyed this post, you have some poignant random thoughts.;)
    I agree with you, we should not take ourselves seriously.;) As long as we know our own worth, we should always be able to laugh at our own expense.;)
    The shoe picture is hilarious. But judging from Betsy's comment, you better stay away from that spot.;)

  5. HUH! Learned something new by way of Betsy! WHOA! We had some shoes hanging from a line here in our little village...but NOW that I THINK about was near some "shady" people's place! GO FIGURE!

    I love your birthday celebration. Sounds PERFECT to me. I am eager to see the movie too. Happy Birthday!

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you had a lovely one. Here's a list of legends associated with sneaker-tossing.

  7. A belated Happy Birthday. Sounds like you have the perfect evening. As to those shoes. Around here kids do this to torment each other. I have even heard that some kid did this so that he could have a new pair of shoes. So good to hear from you.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Stephanie!

    The sneakers and drugs connection is new to me, but if it's common knowledge for many, wouldn't the police know too?

    Fun post!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Nice to see you blog. smiles

  10. I dont know if this applies to Birmingham but here in NewYawk the high school seniors often toss their sneakers over the power lines or if none of those are available they toss them over any other line they can find ... and Happy Birthday .. it sounds like the perfect celebration

  11. I've always heard that it was drugs/gangs sign. We have some gangsta wannabes who would probably crap their baggy pants if they came up against a real gangster, but they hang out on a corner and they have shoes tossed up over the lines like that. When I was in the Army, 'short timers'(people about done with their military service) would toss their boots up over. It usually took several tries.... ~debby

  12. Hi Stevie

    It's been ages sicne i visited sorry ..I was in Colorado for a week and my daughter and her foance just moved there! I will now become even more pf a frequent flyer. I guess.

    Kids used to always throw their old sneakers over power lines like this when I was young, just as a thing to do..I never heard it associated with drugs as Betsy said...that is new to me!

  13. PS Now I want to see this movie sounds wonderful!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday dear Stevie!! That sounds like just the kind of movie I would love to see on my birthday too:)

    There are often pictures of shoes...including spike heels...hanging from wires at the "Picture" workshops I take online. They are very photogenic:) I don't think they are drug related in my area or they wouldn' t be hanging right in front of the Department of Transportation garage!

  15. It's hard to know what to say sometimes, but those are some pretty high shoes. Glad is was a great birthday.

  16. Now that sneaker photo was interesting Steph. It happens a lot here in NZ and I thought it was just something kids do. Thanks to Hilary for the interesting Snopes page - Dave

  17. I look forward to the new Woody Allen film coming over here. Sounds like a great story.

    I've been disinclined to blog of late. I get like that sometimes. There are never enough hours in the day....

    Shoes on power lines. How strange - I wonder if Betsy's explanation is correct. Scarey thought.


    PS Happy belated birthday my dear!

  18. I also love the movies, time I took myself to a matinee again. haha I have only ever seen shoes on a telephone wire in Africa and Australia...I say 'go for it'...don't know how they get there, but that sight tickles my funnybone.

  19. A belated happy birthday, stevie. It sounds like you spent it in a marvelous way!

    I so rarely go to a movie theatre, preferring to just watch Netfli. For one, I love Bollywood films and, this way, if I miss something on a subtitle, I can rewind and watch it again.

    I, too, tend to poke fun at myself, usually about my weight.

    I, often, see those tennis shoes hanging over a wire. Maybe it's kind of a rite of passage or something. They're up there so often, there has to be a reason!


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