Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Recycled Missive

I belong to a mailart group and I thought those you who are crafty and those of you who love crafty stuff would like to see this neat  recycled letter-holder-booklet that I recently received in the mail.

Security envelopes were recycled by slitting the edges and turning them inside out. A portion that included the window was cut. In this particular book 6 envelopes were used. They were fastened together using star shaped brads. The back of the brad was disguised using small stickers.

The edges and insides were embellished and postcard sized images and letters were added by slipping them into the pockets formed by the envelopes.

Finally, the booklet was inserted into a envelope made from a page torn from an old thrifted book. And in this way, a fun piece of mailart was created!


  1. I love it! How very clever and a neat way to recycle!

  2. How incredibly creative. What a great idea.

  3. How fun is that! Very creative group you belong to my friend!

  4. It looks very pretty, and practical too! Will you keep your sketches in it?

  5. Nice one... recycling is a very good idea.

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  6. I guess I could be discribed as someone who likes crafts! It is really cute. I am going to google mailart and see what pops up! I can always use a few new ideas! I am glad you liked the yellow tablecloth on my cart. It reminds me a bit of Anthropologie and I know you love Anthropologie! I remember you posting about how you would go window shopping at Anthropologie during lunch. We finally got a Anthropologie and I love to window shop there as well. They should serve lunch there!

  7. Brilliant! I've never been too crafty though I used to do decoupage and needlework. I spent most of my time writing poetry!

  8. Oh, this is indeed fun. I love these kind of creative ideas, that produce useful art.;))
    Hope you have been well dear Stevie, I am back online again.;))

  9. Clever stuff .. now I want to see one/hold it in my hands and savor the contents


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