Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The GIft I Wish I Could Refuse

Lee left me with a little reminder that a tropical depression can pack quite a punch.

It's 2 trees down, not one. I didn't know that until I was able to walk out into the yard after work last night. The one on the ground is from the neighbor's yard behind me. It probably pushed my tree over. The tree behind the bedroom is holding it up, but it is bending this way.

I talked to the tree service I used the last time a tree fell, but I'm not sure when the they can get out here. People with trees on the roof come first. I hope I don't have a tree on my roof by that time!

I've moved into Rachel's room until the leaning tree is no longer looming over the house.


  1. Smart of you to move your sleeping quarters.

  2. I am so glad it didn't land on your house. Be safe.

  3. Wow! Yes, good idea to move from your bedroom! How could you sleep? ha.

  4. Glad YOU are alright! WHOA! BIG trees! HOpe the tree service gets to you soon!

  5. We lost a very large tree like that in our backyard during Hurricane Isabel in 2003 in Maryland. The ground just got so soggy it could not longer support the roots and down it came.

  6. Wow, that is one TALL tree! How scary to have it teetering on exactly the other tree. WOW


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