Saturday, December 17, 2011

Craft Night

With a wire wreath, assorted Christmas ornaments, garland  and a hot glue gun, you can have fun with friends and come home with a cute candle ring or a wreath for your door.  I used some of my shabby old ornaments mixed with a few bedazzled ones and voila.....

If I had it to do over I would choose silver garland instead of white, otherwise I think I like it. If you want to give it a try here are the instructions:

Turn the wire wreath so that the wires form a depression or gully. Arrange your largest balls inside the wires. When you've got the color combinations the way you like them, begin gluing the ornaments to the wire. Be sure to put a bead of glue between each ornament as well. Gluing them to each other as well as the wire stabilizes the whole thing. Once you've finished gluing from the topside, turn the ring upside down and add more glue to each ornament and wire underneath. As soon as you are sure you've got everything stuck together securely, begin weaving the garland in and out of the wire on the outside of the wreath.  Do the same on the inside of the circle. Last, use smaller ornaments to fill in any gaps that may be left and you are finished!

The only thing left to do is enjoy!


  1. Now that's a clever and lovely potential centerpiece for a holiday table

  2. What a cute idea. I think that I would use actual princess pine from the woods, and wire the balls in place. That is really adorable!

  3. Good idea Anonymous. You could use pine cones and other natural elements as well. It would be pretty.

  4. It's beautiful...and I love how it has a vintage look to it!

  5. That is gorgeous, and I think the white garland works well, it looks like snow.;))

  6. This looks so beautiful, Stevie!

    Mery Christmas!

  7. Oh, I REALLY like it! So bright and FESTIVE!


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