Saturday, December 3, 2011

Open House

 This weekend is "Christmas at Arlington."  Each room in the house is decorated for the holidays and there is entertainment and refreshments. It was a perfect day to take a tour. 

The Greek Revival style antebellum home, located in Birmingham, Alabama, was built between 1845 and 1850. The house was not damaged during the civil war because Gen. James H. Wilson established his headquarters there while he planned his raid on Selma, Alabama to destroy confederate factories and munitions located there.


  1. This must be lovely place to visit around the holidays. I have a feeling you have posted about it before.;)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

  2. I bet this takes you back. Just seeing those big dresses makes you realize what a different era it was. Sounds like a fun tour to put you in the mood to finish that decorating.

  3. What a beautiful plantation era mansion. I can just imagine how spectactular the rooms inside must have looked decorated for Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your tour. Did they allow photos inside?

  4. oh the photo ops .. I am jealous

  5. Gorgeous! Reminds me of Gone With The Wind with those lovely bells on the front steps!


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