Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Photo Day + One Sketch

I think it's about time to post some recent randomness.

Reflections of the street in a tiled wall.

Graffiti and flowers on a brick wall.

Two friends pose in front of a sea wall.

You have to enlarge this one to understand why my girlfriend
turned the car around so we could go back for me to
take the picture. After enlarging let me know if you don't get it....hint
think Bible Belt irony.

Playing with reflections.

Upside down right side up.

Redo with colored pencils.


  1. Enjoyed seeing these photos....you always have something that interests me and makes me glad I stopped! Even though I should be packing for Europe.

  2. Loved all the pictures! I have to say I am dumb and I did not get the joke, hehe; does it have something to do with the "revival" text?;)
    The sketch is beautiful, you are so talented.;))

  3. I'm cracking up....revival in the fireworks store...they'll get you hopping one way or another, right?

  4. Great WALL photos.

    Every revival needs a little fireworks yes???

    I liked the first leaf too...this one if so pretty.

  5. Yes, some of those preachers need fireworks to get their congregations fired up.

    The leaf looks very neat this time.

  6. It is true irony .. love it .. another sign I would have snapped and put up on Sign Post Fridays

  7. Fun! Fireworks are banned here so I always feel like they are forbidden fruit..lol

    I like your leaf drawing. The leaves are still green here so I'm not in autumn spirit.

  8. Totally got the joke... Hee hee And the leaf drawing is lovely!

  9. your drawing is still just gorgeous. really gorgeous.

    and I love driving by Martin Flowers too

  10. Hey, Extreme Revivaling! Love it! I'll bet it is the fire and brimstone variety too. And they have the props for some amazingly relevant special effects. Southern Baptist?

  11. like the reflections, like the wall, like the leaf, okay i really like them all.

  12. I like both leaves! colored pencil and paints and brushes!


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