Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Diary

Feeling achy today. I will be so happy when the weather drys out some. The sun is shining outside now so maybe when I go out for lunch I won't feel as if I stepped into a sauna.

It was so humid Saturday...I used the flat iron on my hair and the thick, suffocating, smothering, damp, hot, windless, horribly debilitating humidity made it curl more than I've seen it in years. Man, I'm talking big hair.... hair the size of a state!

I hate high seems infinitely hotter on a humid day than any other. I am the embodiment of that old saying "it's not the heat, it's the humidity." This is because humidity makes the temperature feel warmer than it actually is, since the cooling effect of evaporation from the skin is not as effective.

Here's the scientific explanation for those of you who have never been fortunate enough to experience REAL humidity.

This is because as environmental temperatures approach normal skin temperature, cooling of the body becomes more difficult. If the atmosphere is as warm as or warmer than the skin, blood body surface cannot lose its heat. Under these conditions, the heart continues to pump blood to the body surface, the sweat glands pour liquids containing electrolytes onto the surface of the skin and the evaporation of the sweat becomes the principal effective means of maintaining a constant body temperature. Sweating does not cool the body unless the moisture skin by evaporation. Under conditions of high humidity, the evaporation of sweat from the skin is decreased and the body's efforts to maintain an acceptable body blood going to the external surface of the body, relatively less goes to the active muscles, the brain, and other internal organs; physical strength declines; and fatigue occurs sooner than it would otherwise. Alertness and mental capacity also may be affected

I got up early Saturday morning to meet my sister, cousin and aunt at the 2010 Decorator ShowHouse, the Longleaf Estate. This was Richard Scrushy's former may remember Scrushy, he was found guilty of cooking the books for the corporation he started, HealthSouth Corporation. Anyhoo.....the house was so big there were three staircases and someone told me there were 16 bathrooms....I'm not sure it that was right, but the master his and hers closets were so large it was obscene. Photos were not allowed inside. Too bad, you would love seeing some of the rooms.

I'll be taking most of the week off from blogging. Wednesday, I'm going to Gulf Shores for a relaxing girls trip. We may just be watching the oil roll onto the beach, so I'm not sure how pretty it will be. There is always the pool though. We're taking DVDs, cards, and bags of crafty stuff just in case.

I may or may not be back tomorrow with a Magpie. If not, I'll leave you with this thought....all Southern mothers say this to their children when they are going to be away from home...."Ya'll be sweet while I'm gone."


  1. great post! I love the title of your blog :) also..I love "Ya'll be sweet while I'm gone" too cute!

  2. Your girls trip sounds like so much fun. Well, not the oil part. I understand the humidity! That is why I let my hair grow longer in the summer so I can put it up and forget about it! Not to mention the headaches! But then again, I just did. That is because I have one today and the weather is warm!!! I hope you take some pictures this week.
    Take care,

  3. UGH me too but on Sunday ... and moron me decided that I was going to plant the window box but first I had to wash the windows .. I am truly certifiable ... and my hair? Bigger than Texas!

  4. Have a great time. I hope you'll be humidity and oil-free.

  5. We had a taste of summer this past weekend. Rain was forecasted for Saturday and Sunday. It looked and felt like rain both days, but we only got a little bit. Have a great time on your girls outing!

  6. NOT a fan of humidity either! UGH! We don't get it FULL THROTTLE till mid summer but have days where it FEELS like you could slice it with a knife!

    A girls weekend? OH! DIVINE! Enjoy...hope you can experience a CLEAN beach though. The movies and crafty stuff sounds good too though!

  7. I can't stand listening to the news these days...I find hearing about that oil slick so upsetting...I do hope it doesn't effect your vacation...

    I haven't been on a girls trip in ages...Hav Fun!

  8. So sorry that you suffer from humidity. To have lived in NC, I know all about humidity and I have to say I loved it. My body relished in the humid heat. My skin and hair were revived. I dislike dry heat. It is awful for me.
    Enjoy your week off blogging and have a great trip, sounds like fun.;)

  9. Yes, the humid weather has commenced. UGH... Bon Voyage. I ope the oil doesn't hit.

  10. Have a great time with the girls Steviewren - despite that nasty oil slick - I'm so upset seeing those pictures on the news...

    Humidity? Hate it! My hair frizzes up like cotton wool - luckily we don't get too much of it here in the UK but on 'moist' days I wear a hat if its cold, and try and look chic in a headscarf on warmer days!!


  11. I heard about the Decorator's Show House from my daughter. Some more estate.

    We will try to be sweet while you are seeing the lovely coast. so hope there is no oil.

  12. We get humidity here too Steviewren so I understand how you feel. Enjoy your break and have fun. - Dave

  13. ha ha - Lurve your reference to BIG hair and the southern saying... Y'all be sweet while I'm gone.


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