Thursday, April 29, 2010

Calendar Girls and Other Random Stuff

trying to draw something realistic from my head

trying to draw a different look, bigger eyes, hair swept back

not sure what I was kidding about....

girls in glasses

bipolar today

a row of witnesses...

witnesses to my crappy achy day

taking a break to celebrate spring

a case of art imitating life?

sometimes you just can listen to another load of bs.....

you know I love that show

feeling playful yesterday

Yes, I'm still filling my daily worksheets with tons of doodles and scribble scrabble. If I like it or if it represents the way I feel on that particular day, I cut it out and tape it to my calendar.

For anyone who wonders what kind of job I have....I make phone calls all day long (ugh!) and doodling helps me keep my sanity.

sorry about the quality of the images, took the pictures in bad lighting


  1. I sit here smiling and wondering when I stopped doodling like that .. I did it all through Jr High... I filled my math notebook with sketches that sort of told a story ... and got caught .. and was sent to a art school as punishment .. seriously .. my math teacher was dating the art teacher and told her about my sketches .. it as a lot better than the dean's office and my parents being called into school ...

  2. i love your doodles - i could see a calendar published with them like this. so whimsical and fun.

  3. What a beautiful way to keep your sanity!

  4. I doodle when I'm on the phone too, Stevie. I draw abstracts and swirls..nothing as cute as your little friends on paper! :-) I had to giggle at some of their conversation bubbles.
    I don't envy you your job...I'm sure it can be irritating talking to the public on the phone all day.
    {{ hugs}}

  5. Wow! I think your drawings are amazing and what a fantastic idea to art journal this way! I particularly love Bipolar Today! Lookin' forward to seeing more x

  6. I am a BIG fan of your calendars:)
    and if it helps get you through the day all the better...

  7. Oh Stevie, this reminds me of how I came to your blog in the first place. I was writing about journals and someone told me I should check out your work doodles. I think they are fantastic. I am so glad I found you. You keep me entertained and inspired. I wish I could draw people as good as you do. My boss uses a calendar like this. I have been so tempted to draw on her calendar from time to time when she has a free day or is out of town. tee hee...

  8. i love it when you're bored at work!!! these all made me smile. i also laughed at your "shoot me please" scribble as i am famous for saying "shoot me now" out loud after hanging up from a phone call. my department is creative marketing services so a phone call usually means more work or a problem with work already finished.

  9. My favourite kinda Stevie post. Your doodles are brilliant!

  10. Your sketches are getting better and better (and they were already great!).

    Love the daffodils and the Project Runway model in her pointy shoes.

    Also liked the fashion post (the last post before this one).

    You should save all those calendars to pass down to the grandkids someday...

  11. Love your work! They are beyond doodles! Love the group of girls! I want to get a marker and start to draw, but that would mean leaving this comfy chair! Maybe tomorrow!

  12. Your so talented, I lurve looking at your drawings!! Lucky us!

  13. Oh Stevie. I wish that you could get a different job. This one is sucking the life right out of you.

  14. You are a 'way above average doodler! I love your little sketches. They are quite good!

  15. I gave you one of my Goddess Awards, I hope you will come by soon to collect it! :)

  16. Love your doodling! It becomes a diary of sorts, doesn't it by doing it on your calendar. :)

  17. Love your calendar girls Steviewren - they are more than just doodles - very, very clever!

    Happy weekend.


  18. You have the most enticing personal style, I love your sketches. What a great post! All your posts of lately have been absolutely magnificent.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  19. oh if only i could draw faces the way you do....amazing !!!

    and ummm, nope....i didn't really care for seth aaron but i see why he won.....he was spot on really throughout the whole competition....but for fashion week...i loved mila's black and white pieces based on !

  20. You really are a true artist Steviewren. I enjoyed seeing your doodles. - Dave

  21. I love how your girls come tumbling out of your calendar! They're just begging to.


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