Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Nice to be Green and Other Things

Just a little something I see everyday.

Hope you're having a verdant St. Patrick's Day!

(This is a mosaic re-post from last March 17th.)

Today is my baby's 27th birthday. Happy B'day son!


  1. Oh that's beautiful! That reminds me of my church. I posted it around Christmas time. You probably don't remember, but it is very similar. How nice to see that every day!

  2. Top o' the mornin' to ya Stevie. A beautiful church that you get to see every day. It looks very Irish. What fun seeing a picture of the green river in Chicago. I actually got to see it one time. FUN. I promise I won't be pressing any 4-leaf clovers. Cheers.

  3. Love all the green, Stephanie.

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  4. Lovely mosaic for St Patrick's Day ...
    and a very Happy Birthday to your son!


  5. Love to see. As my irish friend says. Slancha! Or Cheers !

  6. Ah a St Patrick's Day baby ... happy birthday to him!

    Lovely mosaic/collage ... top of the mornin' to you!

  7. Love the mosaic! Happy Birthday to your son! :)

  8. Happy birthday to your son. What a great day, for a birthday! I love the mosaic, I have to try and make one of them.

  9. happy st paddy's a day late. did you know that the catholic church allows you to indulge in the one thing you gave up for lent on st. paddy's day? me either until last night!

  10. LOved all your greens Stevie! Hope you ahd a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! Our grandson is keeping us all waiting and guessing!


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