Monday, March 7, 2011

Lucky Me!

Check out the collage packet giveaway gift that arrived in my mailbox today from collage artist, Susie LaFond. My two favorite bits are the orginal piece of her work (see bottom right corner of photo) and the old ledger page. I love that penciled handwritten list. I'm crazy about the fabric heart too...and the wax paper bag of flowers...and the fabric tie....and.....well, everything. Thanks Susie!

Make sure to take a moment and wander around her blog, Gathering Up Bits Of The World.  She makes wonderful handmade journals, some of which she sells in her Etsy shop. You'll probably be inspired to sit down and start journaling today.


  1. That is wonderful! Do hope you will create some mixed media collage with your new finds. Now I'm off to check out Susie. thanks Stephanie

  2. so beautiful! I love things like that. She is so talented.

  3. great giveaway - i alway am impressed with how everyone packages their things.

  4. What a treat!
    I LOVE SNAIL MAIL and especially something like this!

  5. Congratulations! You will certainly put this bag of goodies to good use!

  6. Oh, that looks like fun. I love collages.

    I also love the Rx photos. Sad in a way. Always moving on, we are.


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