Sunday, April 10, 2011

Written on a Bad Afternoon

Bug eyed
Caught a resin of circumstances
Suspended there
Watching days unfold and pass into obscurity
Unable to act
Positive…change will not come
Mind shrouded tight
Paralyzed by the inertia of depression 

Molecules strung taunt like a tightrope snap imperceptibly.
Eyes that twitch reflexively go barely noticed. 
The day drags. Boredom mounts.
She expects her brain to explode before eight hours are up.  


  1. Mmm, that's an interesting, maybe a sad little poem. Hope you don't feel like that now Steph? -

  2. We all have unbalanced days like that, where we can't settle into our routine or think of anything else important enough to do. I noticed your random comments on the air conditioner is coming on too, at the first sign of any dreadful humidity!

  3. Our ac is on too. I hope you are feeling better by now.

  4. i recognize some of the feelings. i hope things improve. i will feel bored out of my head this week as i have to sit in chicago in a hotel learning instead of playing.

  5. No heads actually exploded I hope .. I think there's something going around ..

  6. We have all had days like that it seems...hope it doesn't last long! Time for a road trip!

  7. At least it produced some lovely art and poetry. Looks like from the cute owls, you're feeling better. x

  8. Excellent work, stevie. I have visions of heads exploding all over the world!


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