Friday, January 16, 2009


How about a little challenge today? Just for some completely off the cuff fun, write a haiku inspired by this photo.

Here is the way defines a Haiku.

Haiku is a Japanese verse form that relies on brevity and simplicity to convey its message. It is usually three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, and frequently includes natural images or themes. It is believed to have been first written in the seventeenth century and is based on a Zen Buddhist philosophy of simplicity and the idea of perfection that excludes the extraneous.

Post your entry in the comments section. I'll be back in a little while with mine. Don't be shy. Play along for something adventurous to do on this cold winter morning.


  1. Okay, I'm back with my first attempt. I composed this in the shower so be kind to me.

    Smooth water mirror's
    Unbroken surface ruffled,
    Fish skipping over pond

  2. I hope I'm not going to be the only one playing this game today.

    Cerulean sky
    Overturned blue bowl above,
    Reflected below

    Composed on the way to work.

    Am I the only nerd in the blogosphere who amuses herself this way?

  3. Sherry at Q's corner is asking for a haiku today too. The air must be filled with haikus today. I love the inspiration photo.

    Spring is coming soon
    frogs singing will fill the air
    ponds will come alive

  4. Stevie! Great idea - I need a bit of that creative spirit today!

    Mirrored pond retains
    Reflections of sunlit sky
    Reminders of Spring

  5. Reflection awaits
    The Mirror is kind
    A Friend I find

  6. Island girl
    On a journey
    Sugary Sweet

  7. Peaceful and quiet
    The beautiful reflections
    Make my day complete

    Thanks for the inspiration. I haven't done a haiku in a few months and that is after doing them nearly everyday. You have reinspired me.

  8. Shimmering rays
    Dancing on the water
    Reflecttions of the sun

    Ha...gave it a shot! :)

    PS I'm working on a new header from the advice you gave me. "A"

  9. Here are two more:

    Lazy circling
    Sharp eyes alert, nothing missed
    Diving now, the hawk


    Cumulus clouds coast
    Cotton candy canopy
    God's calligraphy

  10. Here is one just for you!

    A pond in the woods
    Shelter, water, and acorns
    Squirrels should live HERE!

  11. HAHA! I love that Oliag! Yes, they should! I wanted a new sofa, instead I'm buying squirrel removal!

  12. I tried, Steviewren, honestly I did, but to pin me down to so few words is nearly impossible. I may come back with something, but so far, I've got nuttin'


  13. the water listens,
    the trees whisper a question
    "Which of us is truth?"

  14. Ohhh I like Debby's haiku! Very pretty!

    My attempt:

    A pond reflects smooth
    A mirror of tree, shrub, sky
    I pause and see all

    Have a great weekend! I hope your son and daughter-in-law have a wonderful time in NYC!

  15. South Georgia Haiku


    That's as good as I get. [roflol]

    I see you still are varmit infested. Wanna borrow one of my rifles yet? :o) [tee hee] ♥ ∞

  16. Fish! You lie asleep
    Beneath mirrors of blue sky.
    Hey! it's time to rise!

  17. Oh my, how I loved your 'creative post' Steph. You wouldn't make a prettier post than this one, thanks:) Yeap, haiku is a style of poetry from the Japanese culture that I'm very close to it.
    Now, I won't be shy, here my feelings:

    Spring Spring
    Sky will be so clear
    Spring Spring
    Everyone will be to cheer
    Spring Spring
    Brings flowers
    Spring Spring
    Are flowers back?

    Yes, yes, it looks like very spring-like here in the mid of Jan, and...
    I'm sad to hear it's cold winter morning there in yr part of the world:)

    One important note; I just do not know if there's a logical explanation but right now before leave home for the club, I received a wonderful card created by Nana's Trish living dream dd 9.29.08, can you believe? I shall let her know quickly. Perhaps rest of those not arrived cards will be delivered in 2009, worth to waiting:)

    Sigh* Life's full of surprises, each other day:) Happy Saturday.

  18. Tall, pale sentries caught
    in a seasonless mirror.
    Trees around a pond.

  19. Here you go:

    So near yet so far
    True love waits on yonder shore
    I have no paddle

  20. Stopping by to say hello and wishing you a good Monday! :)


  21. Meandering stream
    Water like a looking glass
    Reflecting my thoughts

    Boy, it's been a loooonnnnggg time since I attempted haiku! Now I'm going to go read everyone else's.


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