Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update And More Random Ramblings

Thanks everyone for your critter advise. We've moved the trap to a better (we hope) location. We are trying to be humane....that tack isn't working so far. I've got the name and number for a animal removal service, but I just don't want to spend that much money. I'm hoping for a miracle that includes the removal of the squirrel and me being able to hang onto my savings too. Keep your fingers crossed.

Even as I type the fiend is crunching on something....eeeeeek....please stop the destruction NOW!

Basically, I have nothing to post about tonight so you are going to get a peek of my favorite color to wear. It makes my eyes look amazing! (even if I do say so myself)

I took a picture of the shirt I have on, but in artificial light
it doesn't look right. This swatch is close to the right color without the richness that the real color has.

this is me in my teal jacket that I mentioned
liking so much in my interview a few posts ago

And my favorite jewelry to wear with it.

the rings

the earrings

and my favorite necklace

I made a couple of trips to the basement while I wrote this post. A cat has decided that he also wants into my basement. And as far as I'm concerned, if he can get the squirrel out then I'm all for it! I guess I'll call the animal control people tomorrow....while I still have a house to come home to.

Which reminds me of one of my youngest son's favorite books:

Henry's Awful Mistake by Robert Quackenbush Copyright 1980

Which begins this way:

The day Henry the duck asked his friend Clara over for supper, he found an ant in the kitchen.

And pretty soon this was happening:

Henry pounded a big hole in the wall where the crack was.
But he couldn't find the ant. So he kept on pounding.

And that is how Henry's big mistake began.....I can identify.


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  2. Couldn't you just set a rat trap and kill it? I understand humane and everything, but if something is a danger to my wiring, it's a hazard and a pest! Maybe you could quiz the pest control people about how they would go about this-- then grit your teeth, hold your nose, do it yourself and voila you're a country girl.

    By the way, I love the necklace, very pretty.

  3. As Indie says, the squirrel might chew your electric wiring and even cause a house fire. Call the exterminator quick smart Steviewren! - Dave

  4. You look way to pretty to be pounding holes in the wall. The feral cats in our neighborhood try to catch squirrels and sometimes they do.

  5. Love you necklace! Other people always seem to look so nice in big jewelry; I just look funny in it.

    I'm going to look for that book at the library.

  6. I see the Spammers got you too (first post). Husband and I have been deleting on our blogs this morning. [sigh]

    You're right, you do look lovely in those colors! It's your hair color. It matches the accessories and all so perfectly. You have a good eye. I'm in a 'neutral' phase this year: wearing lots of white and denim.

    Hope your critter problem is solved soon! Must be really aggravating to come home too! ♥ ∞

  7. I agree Cats love to chase Squirrels, it's sort of like "this kitchen isn't big enough for two women"........one of them will leave!
    Your a real Southern Belle Stevie..
    I agree that color looks good on you!

  8. What are you baiting that trap with, Stevie?

  9. Debby, peanut butter and seeds. He hasn't even been near it. My yard has a huge supply of acorns and hickory nuts. I'm wondering if he isn't bringing in takeout meals.

  10. Ooh...I love your claddagh ring! My wedding ring is a claddagh.

    I wish you good luck with your critter.

  11. yes, you look lovely in the jacket!!! And that book, what memories! it was one of my sons' (and my!) favorites too! I can identify too. I'm always so sure I can "fix" things... I fix them alright!

  12. You do look great in that jacket! I can see why it's a favorite! And that necklace looks like something Willow would wear!...you artsy girls, you!

  13. Man! It's sure a lot of work being a woman.....matching eyes to clothes, jewlery, etc. I'm tired just thinking about it...I think I'll watch some TV now!!! Have a great rest of the week. Strider

  14. Stevie, you look so pretty in that picture. That is a great color on you. I pray the squirrel will hit the road. That book is adorable. So many of my challenges seem like that. I start trying to resolve a little something and before I know it I have obsessed until I have knocked down a wall or worse. Your jewelry is great. I think I need to get back to more accessories. I think it makes me feel better, like I'm taking more time to fix up. I tend to get in ruts with some of my jewelry and wear the same things over and over. Life is short, I need to wear it all. :)

  15. Oh No!That squirrel is still there?

    You look beautiful Stevie!

  16. What a great picture of you! I love that teal jacket. Looks like you are in one of your favorite spots...Michael's!

  17. You are beautiful steviewren! My mother's eyes were the color of yours - I did not get them:(... And yes teal is your color.

    Squirrels must be smarter than they look....check my blog out for pictures I posted with you in mind...I am hearing the same sounds as you are above my head...haven't caught anything but a picture yet!

  18. Ohh, you look SUPER beautiful, Steph! Hope there are really cool people around you to spoil you, or invite for a superb dinner this weekend:)
    Btw, your necklace is my favorite, too! Xtra-lovely piece.

  19. you're a vision in that jacket! i love that color!

    it's so funny to read your blogs. it makes my whole day!

    happy monday!


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