Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

An overabundance of rain tends to produce a number of interesting things.

Like this:

And this:
Lots of rain also makes my front steps slick with slime. Slime which makes them a hazard. I know how slippery they can be and walk down them carefully and slowly when it has been raining. I've watched more than one person slip on them in the past couple of years and always caution everyone..."Be careful."

My number came up this week. I was taking each wet step one careful step at a time. As I reached the third step from the bottom, I thought with relief, "if I fall now at least I won't break anything." Just as fast as I completed the thought, my feet flew out from under me and I slid down the last three steps. Nothing was broken, but I sure bruised my backside. The good news is that since it was raining, no one was loitering around outside to witness me sitting on the sidewalk trying to collect the contents of my purse along with my pride.


  1. Poor girl. I hope you are ok today. Sometimes it takes a day or so to get the soreness out. Use Bleach and a broom to get rid of that slime on the steps. You don't want any broken bones.

  2. Poor you. I couldn't help but notice how in keeping this is with your previous post though.. Rollin', rollin', rollin'. Gee my bum is swollen.. raw hide!" ;) Hope you heal soon. That first shot of mushooms is lovely.

  3. Thanks Lisa and Hilary. The slip was earlier in the week, so the soreness is almost gone. The bruise is still spectacular though. the song! You made me laugh out loud.

  4. oh no!! lots of advil, lots and lots of advil. and a warm soak like Julia.

    the mold and mildew is rather bad here too on our concrete patio.

  5. OH dear! Hope you are NOT still suffering from the spill!

    Your photos are great...the shape and color of that SHROOM is like nothing I have ever seen.

    Love the header drawing too.

  6. Aw, aw, I know how it feels to fall! I am the avid faller, if one an say so and i fall always in public looking really dumb. It is so embarrassing, so I feel for you. I am happy you are ok.;))
    Love the picture of the mushrooms though, even if it signifies a lot of rain. I am sure sun will come out eventually.;))
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  7. OUCH .. I am a klutz so I totally understand .. and this thinking really has to stop ...

  8. Those funghi look so interesting!

    I have steps like yours in my backyard...such hazards in rain or snow. I've thrown kitty litter on them for better traction on icy days, but you can imagine the mess that made. My neighbors bought step sized pieces of indoor/outdoor carpeting and had them professionally glued on their steps to give them more traction. It seems to be working for them and I might also do that.

    Hope your bruise and soreness goes away soon!

    PS: Glad you enjoyed all my vacation posts! Thanks! :-)

  9. that couldn't have been any fun! maybe some indoor / outdoor carpet strips glued down would help. i'm very prone to falling and i have to take a lot of safeguards.

    the top mushroom photo is very interesting. we've had odd spongy things growing as well. i'm hoping for some dry cool fall weather soon.

  10. OUCH!

    That is some freaky fungus in the top photo...REALLY freaky...

  11. I am so sorry you fell. Slippery steps and floors frighten me. I have fallen so many times in the last few years I've lost count. My family is not shocked by it anymore. Thank God you didn't break anything. I hadn't heard of the bleach and broom deal, but I will try it. Great tip!

  12. Ouchy! Sorry to hear about your slimey mishap.

    Love the moss.

  13. Oh my gosh. I laughed like crazy at Hilary's comment. I'm pretty good at falling down. It has resulted in quite a bit of raw hide.

    Yes. A broom and a little bleach should take care of your porch problem. Glad you were not seriously hurt.

  14. Oh my stars, don't you know it. Okay project for Son in laws or ??? - get the job of putting/nailing a grit type cover, think sandpaper, over for your steps. I know they make it because i've seen it used in Oregon. Home Depot will know what I am talking about.

    I am so glad your not more hurt than you are. First the car wreck and now this... Praise God for his faithfulness to keep you safe.

  15. Yikes!...I'm sure your well on the mend by now but this is really least it is at my age:) go get yourself some of those non-skid strips that are really not all that hard to apply and make me feel better...OK?


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