Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 things I wish I knew how to do

1. Dance (I'm pathetic)
2. Sing (I'm not pathetic, but I'm not good)
3. Play the flute (I admit it, I have a Pied Piper fixation)
4. Calligraphy (this is on my list of things I plan on actually making an effort to learn)
5. Write a book (I think about doing this every now and again, but have no idea how to do know plot, tension, action, dialog...etc)
6. Knit (I can crochet, but I think knitting is elegant whereas crocheting is everyday)
7. Swim (I was too afraid to let go and learn when I was young. Over the years I developed a weird dog paddle/frog kick kind of stroke)
8. Math (Okay, I can do math, but I forget so easily. I wish it stuck in my head)
9. Home repair work (because I have a ton of home improvement projects that need doing)
10. Computer technical stuff (wish I was a wiz because I'd like a IT job...they make pretty good money and everyone needs one, also I could wear one of those cool t-shirts like my sons do)

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  1. It's always good to keep learning new things! I like your list, and could almost use it to check off everything on it for myself to learn, except for the flute. I've always wished I could play the piano.

  2. Ah, home repair work! I think all we women that live alone (or semi-alone, hehe) want to be able to do that.;)
    I bet you are a great dancer and singer, as you are an artist at heart.;)

  3. What about New Year resolutions for 2010? And this time next year you could be ...
    A singing,dancing,flute playing sensation on Broadway. Oprah would have you on her show to talk about your new book on Knitting, written entirely in calligraphy.
    Every morning before breakfast you would swim 50 lengths in the Olympic sized pool in your mansion in Beverly Hills. Bill Gates pays you a million dollars a year salary for sorting out the glitches in Windows 7. And your new found Maths expertise comes in handy for figuring out how many rolls of wallpaper you need for your latest DIY project...

  4. I can't carry a tune in a bucket and my guitar sits here collecting dust. I am a tech illerate. Lottery, yes I wish I could win the lottery so I could have projects done around the house. Have to play the lottery to win though. I forget to do that. Ha....

  5. Sing, dance, math, swim and knit would be on my list, too! I can't do any of them and would love to.

    I know someone who does calligraphy ...she frames quotes and verses and sells them. She does quite well at it. It would make a neat blog/store, too! I can see you being good at this...incorporating some art into it, too!

  6. these made me chuckle because i can so agree with #1 and #2. I buy the felt calligraphy pens and though I can't do the letters proper, it still looks pretty.

  7. Your list is almost the same as mine, except that I can sing and dance(not reality show competition caliber, but passably).

  8. mmm let me think of some of mine:
    learn to play a musical instrument
    learn a foreign language
    learn pottery
    learn more about photography

  9. Are you a lefty or a righty? I was taught to knit by my aunt who was left handed as I am but what no one knew was SHE had been taught by a righthanded person and so I knit sort of backwardly ... I cannot crochet .. it baffles me ...

    But I can fix pretty much all computer issues and am in love with the Binary tee

  10. you've got a pretty good list going here. wish we lived closer; we could take calligraphy and dance class together!! these days i wish i knew how to say no to the daily influx of donuts, cookies, etc. into our office. i'm typing with a sugar headache.

  11. You know, I've been thinking of your list. I'm encouraged to make one of my own. And then I'll begin to tick things off. I can say, honestly, math will not be on it.

  12. You know, I think that crocheting is what is elegant. To me, knitting has always seemed so sturdy, hearty, and everyday.

  13. The list is cool !
    Never stop learning .

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