Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Thoughts While Listening to the Phone Ring

-wondering why a different password is required for every site I use in the course of the day..too much to remember!

-wondering why so many people think they can drive their car for free...I'm really tired of calling the same people day after day.

-wondering why I always feel so bad...really I would like to get to the bottom of it so I can fix it.

-wondering what to cook for Thanksgiving. We are all going to my sister's this year and she said cook whatever you want to cook. Too many decisions....need to decide so I can go to the grocery store this weekend.

-wondering why I never remember to bring some snacks to work...I'm hungry...or bored...or both.

-thinking about this thinking about the weekend.

-thinking about the finale of Project Runway last night...thinking about what it takes to visualize a whole cohesive line of clothing....thinking about the hats that Irina do you know how to do that?

-thinking that I'm cold in this office.

-thinking that I didn't get the football gene...everyone else in the office loves discussing the games...we have a lot of Alabama fans in here....if I do any routing it's for Auburn.

-thinking I need to start my Christmas shopping.

-wishing my favorite scrapbook store didn't close. I miss wandering around looking at the pretty designs. I need some new inspiration.

-wishing I had a big piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk.

And that's the way my day goes.


  1. You've 'caught' a boring day at work perfectly, how your mind wanders in strange twists. Once I was driving along and found myself wondering how a vulture can eat well rotted road kill that must be ALIVE with bacteria, and not get sick. And then I pondered the idea that if we could investigate that, perhaps we could find a cure for 'Montezuma's Revenge'... The mind wanders when it has nothing to tie it down, doesn't it?

  2. i know these days. hope that it gets better in a good way.

    sorry you're feeling bad - that's never fun.

    i like these rambly thoughts as i'm a girl that thinks like that too.

    i didn't really love irina's stuff - i like althea's better as it looked more wearable. but i think the designers like irina because it was more 'artsy'.

  3. Char, I agree with you about Althea's collection. It was infinitely more wearable, but Irina's had the flare of individualism throughout the whole competition. I think what they said about Althea being in touch with the street is also true about Irina in more artsy way as you said...that might be why they both seemed to be on the same track so often. I certainly thought Althea was the nicer person of the two. Irina was too catty.

  4. i totally agree about irina being catty. that is another reason i really didn't want her to win. and another season starts in January - so hopefully this one will be a better batch. the one just finished always seemed to me that irina was the shoe-in for the win.

    i loved carol hannah too - but her collection was not fluid and cohesive (like the judges said).

  5. Oh, your day...sorry, but I did chuckle! I can completely relate to collection calls for car payments as I used to do that for General Motors.

    Take something cool and refreshing to a fruit salad. It's a nice contrast to all the hot, heavy traditional stuff. :)

  6. GAH .. I want a piece of cake too

  7. Hope your weekend is a GREAT ONE!

    Ummm, I am wishing for a piece of that chocolate cake too.

  8. Hope you have a relaxing weekend filled with lots of things you enjoy.

  9. Wish I could sit down with you over chocolate cake and a nice cup of coffee and have a wonderful conversation. Don't forget how amazing, smart, creative and inspiring you are!

  10. I hope you figure out why your are not feeling well. I know you have been feeling this way for a while now. I watched Project Runway this year. All three finalists brought their A game! I thought the hats pulled the line together. I did not like Irina personaly, but during the season her pieces were above the rest. I got the football gene! I love most sports. I hope you get to have a piece of cake this weekend.

  11. Great thoughts, I too think this way sometimes.;) I definitely have to start my Christmas shopping soon.;)
    Have a great weekend.

  12. this makes me think of that old song from the 60s -- hoping and wishing and thinking and praying or something like that. now that song is going to play in head all day. hee hee

    i too have these kinds of thoughts and reflections going thru my head most days. for me i think it's a sign of boredom at work. i keep a password journal by my mac to record all those irritating passwords. there's no way i can be expected to remember them all.

    enjoy every delicious minute of your weekend!

  13. Feeling sad, maybe it's hormones - perhaps time for a check up?

    Here's an idea to take for Thanksgiving. Go to the dollar store and buy a couple packages of small containers because everybody always wants a little bit of left-overs and that way they won't be taking your sisters nices dishes and containers home with them. And how about a Jell-O salad, everybody likes that and you can make it ahead of time and they travel pretty well if your not going toooooo far.

    Today is Saturday, enjoy your weekend! Yea!

  14. I liked reading about your random thoughts while listning to the phone ring.

  15. Stevie try taking Vitamin D tablets. I've read so many are Vitamin D deficient and it can make S.A.D. disorder worse and add to other health problems.

    I've started taking them a few months ago and I have less body aches and feel more energetic. I buy them at Costco -- 2,000 IU's -- I take one a day. Of course you should consult your doctor first before taking them...mine gave me the OK :-)


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