Monday, November 30, 2009

Do you Cyber Shop?

I got all my shopping done for the grandchildren, except two, on the internet this weekend. Yahoo!

I tried shopping locally, but everything I wanted was already gone. Besides staying out of the stores keeps me from buying something for myself for every gift I get someone else. When I went to Target, I left the store with a fleece jacket for $15 (which I really needed), a new change purse clutch (which I just wanted), mascara (for which I had a $1 off coupon), 3 bags of Archer Farms Basmati Cashew rice (yummy), one Hernandez salsa (which was on sale) and some gift tags and ribbon. See how much safer it is for me to cyber shop?

What about you? What websites do you like to shop?

Be sure to check out for store coupons and great buys online. (shameless plug for where #1 son works) My DIL said Matt Lauer on the Today show plugged them last week and they had over a million hits on Black Friday. WooHoo!


  1. Congratulation on being done.;) I m planning on heading out to the stores this Friday.;)
    I do some of the shopping on the net, but believe it or not, I like the feeling of being in the stores during this time.;) As long as I am not out in the last minute, I do not mind the lines and hype.;) It is all part of the season.;)

  2. I don't shop much. My daughter gave us a few pages of items she would like which we ordered from online. I send $$ to out of town Grands and we no longer purchase gifts for the rest of the family as we all have what we need. It takes the angst off the younger ones that don't have the $$ to spare for extra gifts. I think they all got tired of buying me books which to them are boring and to me are such a treat. So that all being said...I don't shop much online or otherwise.

  3. amazon is my fav store, and sometimes it is just easier than struggling through the crowds. i haven't even started yet!

  4. I don't do very much shopping online. Like Protege said, I kind of like being able to see and touch items and select my purchase that way.

  5. I like to shop online, too. And like you, I end up spending less, just ordering the items I need.

  6. i would rather online shop for toys too. i get so confused when i walk into a store and websites keep it making sense for me.

    of course i think i'm outta luck with my littest pet shop picks.

  7. I shop all year long and put things into this BIG shopping bag in the corner of the bedroom .. I added to my stash the last 3 weekends and now I am done. Finished. Kaput. All bought out. And I didnt buy anything in a store ... all the recent purchases were gotten at the GreenFlea where you can find vendors selling everything from junk to jewels.... I too often (too often) do the one for them, one for me dance .. this way I didnt do it quite as often as in the past ..

  8. Basmati Cashew Rice? That sounds delicious. I'm going to look for that.


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