Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I count my family as the greatest blessing that God has given me.

Last year's Thanksgiving wishes from them to me.

Elijah makes his first card for his Gramma.
Elijah's palm, forefinger and thumb...Rachel's little finger is the yellow, green and red feather because he was done cooperating.

After lunch last year we made this video for the TX girls.

This card arrived yesterday.

And next year, it seems there will be a new member of the family.


  1. Ah, BEAUTIFUL! The first clip almost made me cry, look at those cute faces.;) They all look so alike! And that little cutie barely reaching the table, so adorable...;)
    Congratulations on the new addition next year.;))

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, what a lovely post.


  2. They are such sweeties! I know you will have the most fun with them all around. Congrats on the new one on the way! I'm very thankful for your friendship!!

  3. Was this NEW NEWS to you? A July baby? How wonderful!!!! I LOVE your grandaughter's names...old beautifuly elegant names!!!

    Happy DAY to you!

  4. Yes Jill, it was news to me. I had to do a double double-take.

  5. What a sweet and cool way to announce their fifth child. That's a lot of little kidlets.. adorable one and all. Congrats.. and Happy Thanksgiving to you. :)

  6. Oh how fun...and maybe a boy this time!

    Love that pudgy little Elijah hand in the card! Too cute!

  7. I'm giddy! The Lord has done marvelous things.

  8. Who could ask for more Stevie? Grandchildren are truly the best treasures ...and yours are delightful, beautiful and bright!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Love your children's videos Steviewren. Also the turkey hand print. Great! - Dave

  10. OH MY GOSH! CONGRATULATIONS! Not sure why that is all in caps, but it just seemed like it needed to be. Congratulations, that is so very cool!

  11. Stevie,
    Yes, it is all about family and friends. Love your post here. Sounds like you are truly blessed. Going for a boy?....I know you though... just a good healthy baby.
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend....
    The Bach

  12. You have such a wonderful family. It is quite clear they all love Gramma. Wow, number 5! Congratulations! Love the little painted turkey, so cute! Another artist in the family.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Adorable!...and what a happy way to learn of #5 on the way:) much to be thankful for...

  14. Wonderful memories and sharings all together Steph. Happy for you and all:)
    In the meantime, pls check it out here. I thought you might like:

    Wish you a happy and blessed first Sunday of Advent season~

  15. this is such a touching post, love it, simply makes my grandie heart melt.


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