Friday, January 8, 2010

The Big One

I'm not a Alabama fan, (War Eagle!), but I've got to give them their dues this morning.

Congrats to the University of Alabama on your national championship win.

(to my family members who would call me a traitor... this is a once in a lifetime nod to my family members who are celebrating today.... Auburn's time will come around again)

Enough said about football.....


  1. I cannot tell you how happy I was that (a) ToonMan play poker on Thursday nite (b) that game aired on Thursday nite (c) if he recorded it he will have watched it last nite or today while I was asleep or here at the office ..

  2. Well...I was rooting for the 'Horns and hated to see them lose...and poor Colt. But I heard he was really at peace with God about the way things went.

    Congrats to Bama, though, they played well.

  3. It was so sad when TX's QB got hurt. I was rooting for Alabama though.

  4. Beth, I thought ya'll were probably rooting for the Horns....I thought Brandon might be torn.

  5. LOL well....i will stand proud that I'm a Bama fan - have been since I was 13 years old and my boyfriend TOLD me to root for Auburn. Showed him!

    So, ROLL TIDE ROLL. That being said, Texas gave them a good run for the money and Bama made more mistakes than they should have being a No. 1 team. But, it's a good year when you can roll up a National Championship, a Heisman and an undefeated season.

    I'm proud of all the SEC teams - we made a great showing in the bowl games this year and I always root for other teams as long as they're not playing Bama.

  6. I don't follow any college football but when I heard on the radio this AM that Alambama beat Texas I thought of you(thinking you were a fan) and Char...congrats!

  7. What memories all that brings back! I'm a Georgia girl but, when I was in boarding school my first year of high school, I used to go home with my dorm mate who was from Tuscaloosa and I was an Alabama fan thereafter, unless they played GA. I also love Auburn - my home, Columbus, GA, is only about 30 miles from Auburn and we were always there, especially in summer, swimming at Lake Chewalca!

  8. Congratulations to Alabama. I was watching it on and off Thursday night, while I making a few cards. I felt really bad for the Texas quarterback. A once in a lifetime game. I am not a big college football fan, my sister-in-law is, she went to FLorida State. Enough football, until Sunday. I am a big Patriots fan!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I know very little about this sport, but I remember watching Super Bowl.;) xo


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