Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend In Review

Lazy, lazy, lazy.
Piddle, putter, play.
Washed a dishwasher load of dirty dishes.
Collected the trash.
Streamed the rest of Series One of The Duchess of Duke Street on my new Roku.
Went with Rachel and Elijah to visit my parents. (My daddy is having surgery tomorrow, please pray everything will go well)
Watched 2 movies from Netflix....I've Loved You So Long and The Very Thought of You.
Washed a load of clothes.
Spent the day in my jammies.
Took a few more ornaments off the Christmas tree.
Crocheted a warm hat for Elijah.

That's the way I roll most weekends. How about you?


  1. i like your weekends, a lot - i long for one of those soon.

    i will say special prayers for your daddy and you tomorrow.

    i saw too movies - one at home and one at the theater: it's complicated (laughed out loud a good bit) and the taking of pelham 1-2-3 (lots of bad language but well done)

  2. The weekend...ummm...Costco, cleaning, laundry, haircut for the man, etc etc. Watched Ace in the Hole recently w/Kirk Douglas.

    Will be praying for Grandpa!!

  3. Weekends go by so fast don't they? I cleaned, watched two movies, visted my daughter to try out her "Wii Fit" as I'm thinking of getting one, went out to dinner with friends.

    I'll be praying for your Dad, Stevie.

  4. That sounds wonderful! Aaah. Bet today was a rude awakening! ha!

  5. I will be praying for your daddy. Let us know how he does. Your weekend sounded relaxing to me. I spent most of mine working on statistical reports.ugh. Then went to church Sunday morning and headed back to Atlanta around 3 and worked some more. Your movies sounded neat. I love your photography.

  6. You managed to do so much more than me.;) I took down not just the ornaments, but the whole tree.;)

    What is Netflix??


  7. My weekend was very lazy. Mainly watched football playoffs, walked the dog. Boring...


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